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Bricksee: Revolutionizing LEGO Organization with AI

Bricksee is an AI-powered mobile application that assists LEGO enthusiasts in cataloging and reorganizing their LEGO bricks. With Bricksee, users can create a digital inventory of their LEGO sets and easily access information about their available building materials.

Bricksee Features

  • 🔍 Advanced Detection: Bricksee’s AI-powered detection feature allows users to detect and identify hundreds of LEGO bricks in a single click.
  • 🏰 Unrivaled Possibilities: Users have access to a vast collection of over 10,000 LEGO sets, providing inspiration and options for rebuilding projects.
  • 🔧 Part Information: Users can view how many sets contain a specific part, add parts to sets, and access more information about each part.
  • 📦 Set Information: Bricksee displays all the parts contained within a set, enables progress tracking, and provides additional set details.
  • 📝 In-App Instructions and Progress Tracking: The app offers in-app building instructions and allows users to track their rebuilding progress.

Use Cases

  • 👾 LEGO Enthusiasts: Bricksee is an essential tool for LEGO enthusiasts looking to organize their LEGO collection, explore set options, and efficiently use their available building materials.
  • 🏗️ Rebuilding Projects: Users can leverage Bricksee to track their progress and access instructions while rebuilding LEGO sets.
  • 📊 Inventory Management: Bricksee simplifies the process of managing LEGO inventories by providing a digital catalog and accurate part information.


Bricksee is a powerful AI-powered mobile application that empowers LEGO enthusiasts with efficient cataloging, rebuilding, and inventory management capabilities. With its advanced detection, extensive set collection, and in-app instructions, Bricksee revolutionizes the way LEGO enthusiasts organize and enjoy their LEGO bricks.


Q: How does Bricksee detect and identify LEGO bricks?

A: Bricksee utilizes AI technology to analyze images and recognize hundreds of LEGO bricks in a single click.

Q: Can I add my own LEGO sets to Bricksee’s collection?

A: Currently, Bricksee provides access to a vast collection of over 10,000 LEGO sets, but adding custom sets is not supported.

Q: Does Bricksee offer a feature to track the value of LEGO sets?

A: No, Bricksee focuses on cataloging, rebuilding, and inventory management, and does not provide a feature to track the value of LEGO sets.

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