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Finch 3D

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Optimize Building Design with Finch 3D

Optimize building design with AI and graph technology. Get immediate feedback on performance, detect errors, and find optimal solutions in the early stages of design.

Finch 3D Features

  • 🚀 Faster iteration: Allows architects and designers to explore maximum “what-ifs” per hour, enabling quicker design iterations.
  • 📊 Immediate feedback: Provides real-time feedback on designs, including charts displaying data on building performance.
  • 🔒 Built-in error prevention: Ensures compliance with firm, customer, and municipality rules, minimizing design errors.
  • 🤝 Sharing: Facilitates the sharing of fully interactive 3D models for feedback and collaboration among team members.
  • 📚 Reusable designs: Offers a library of plans and objects, allowing architects to reuse designs and save time.

Use Cases

  • 🏢 Optimizing building design: Architects and designers can use Finch 3D to optimize their building designs, improving efficiency and performance.
  • Streamlining the design process: The tool enables faster iteration and feedback, streamlining the design process and reducing time-to-market.
  • 📜 Ensuring compliance: Finch 3D helps architects ensure compliance with rules and regulations, avoiding costly design errors.
  • 🤝 Collaborating on design projects: The tool facilitates collaboration among team members, allowing for seamless communication and coordination.


Finch 3D is an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes building design by providing immediate feedback, error detection, and optimal solutions. With features like faster iteration, immediate feedback, built-in error prevention, sharing capabilities, and a library of reusable designs, architects and designers can optimize their designs, streamline the design process, ensure compliance, and collaborate effectively. Created by architects for architects, Finch 3D prioritizes simplicity, beauty, and functionality.


Q: What is Finch 3D?
A: Finch 3D is an AI and graph technology tool that optimizes building design, providing immediate feedback and error detection.

Q: How can Finch 3D benefit architects and designers?
A: Finch 3D enables architects and designers to iterate faster, receive real-time feedback, prevent errors, collaborate effectively, and reuse designs.

Q: What are the use cases for Finch 3D?
A: Finch 3D can be used to optimize building design, streamline the design process, ensure compliance, and facilitate collaboration on design projects.

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