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Kaedim: Transforming 2D Images into 3D Models with AI

Kaedim is an innovative 3D modeling tool that utilizes advanced AI technology to generate production-ready 3D models from 2D images. With its powerful features and advantages, Kaedim revolutionizes the process of creating detailed 3D models, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Kaedim Features

  • 🔥 Automatic 3D model generation: Kaedim allows users to effortlessly create highly detailed 3D models with textured and colored surfaces, even from basic images.
  • 🎨 Ease of use: No prior experience in 3D modeling is required to use Kaedim, making it accessible and user-friendly for beginners and professionals alike.
  • 🌟 Industry adoption: Trusted by renowned game studios such as Aardman Animations, Rebellion, and The Sandbox, Kaedim has gained recognition and adoption within the industry.

Use Cases

  • 🎮 Game developers: Kaedim is an ideal tool for game developers who want to quickly and efficiently create stunning 3D art for their games.
  • 🖌️ Designers: Designers can leverage Kaedim to generate complex 3D models in a fraction of the time, enhancing their creative workflow.
  • 🎨 Studios and artists: Kaedim empowers studios and artists to integrate AI-powered modeling into their existing workflows, enabling them to produce high-quality 3D models with ease.


In conclusion, Kaedim is a game-changing 3D modeling tool that utilizes AI technology to convert 2D images into detailed and textured 3D models. With its automatic model generation, ease of use, and industry adoption, Kaedim offers a time-saving and accessible solution for professionals in various fields. By leveraging Kaedim, users can unlock their creative potential and bring their ideas to life in the world of 3D modeling.


Q: Can Kaedim generate 3D models from any type of image?

A: Yes, Kaedim can generate 3D models from basic images, allowing users to transform any 2D image into a detailed 3D model.

Q: Is prior experience in 3D modeling required to use Kaedim?

A: No, Kaedim is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to users of all skill levels, eliminating the need for prior experience in 3D modeling.

Q: Which game studios have adopted Kaedim?

A: Kaedim has gained the trust and adoption of leading game studios such as Aardman Animations, Rebellion, and The Sandbox, showcasing its industry recognition and reliability.

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