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AgentGPT: Your AI Assistant for Broad Goals

AgentGPT is an advanced AI platform designed to help users achieve a wide range of goals. Here are some key features and frequently asked questions about AgentGPT:

  • 💼 Versatile Capabilities: AgentGPT is a powerful AI agent that can be configured to achieve diverse objectives, making it an ideal tool for various tasks.
  • ⚙️ Pricing Flexibility: Users can choose between the free-tier with GPT-3.5 access and the PRO plan with GPT-4 capabilities, offering different pricing options.
  • 🤝 Explicit Permissions: AgentGPT guarantees that actions like “sending an email” will only occur with the explicit permission of the user, ensuring data security.
  • 📏 Output Length Control: Users can adjust the output length using their own API key or as a PRO user, managing generation costs to suit their needs.
  • 🌐 Internet Access: AgentGPT has internet access, broadening its capabilities beyond the confines of a local AI.


AgentGPT offers both a free-tier and a PRO plan. The free-tier users have access to GPT-3.5, while PRO users enjoy the enhanced capabilities of GPT-4. Users can subscribe to the PRO plan to benefit from increased usage limits and advanced features.


AgentGPT is a cutting-edge AI platform that excels in its adaptability and diverse range of applications. With a focus on user control and pricing flexibility, it offers a powerful solution for various tasks, making it a valuable AI tool for individuals and businesses alike.


Q: Can AgentGPT generate outputs in a specific way?

A: At present, AgentGPT does not have the capability to generate outputs in a specific way, but this feature is actively being developed and is available on the roadmap.

Q: Can I resume an AgentGPT run later?

A: Currently, each Agent run is independent, so resuming a previous run is not possible. However, users can initiate another AgentGPT run using information from the previous one. The feature to resume runs is planned for future implementation.

Q: What’s the difference between AgentGPT and AutoGPT?

A: While both AgentGPT and AutoGPT are autonomous AI agent projects, AgentGPT is a web-based platform, whereas AutoGPT runs locally.

Q: Does AgentGPT have internet access?

A: Yes, AgentGPT does have internet access, which allows it to access and utilize online resources to achieve its objectives effectively.

Q: How can I adjust the output length of AgentGPT?

A: Users can adjust the output length by increasing the token count in the advanced settings. Free-tier users using their own API key or PRO users can manage output length according to their requirements.

Q: What AI version does AgentGPT use for free-tier and PRO users?

A: Free-tier users have access to GPT-3.5, while PRO users have access to the more advanced GPT-4 version. PRO users can run AgentGPT locally using their GPT-4 API key.

Q: How can I ensure certain actions are taken with my explicit permission?

A: AgentGPT guarantees that actions such as “sending an email” will only occur with your explicit permission, prioritizing data privacy and user consent.

Q: What are some of the applications of AgentGPT?

A: AgentGPT boasts a wide array of capabilities, and its applications are continually expanding. To explore some use cases, you can visit the use cases page on the platform.

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