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Unleash the Potential of Custom Vision AI with FieldDay

FieldDay offers a robust toolkit that seamlessly facilitates the creation and integration of customized AI applications into various platforms. By harnessing the capabilities of smartphones, users can transform their cameras into practical utilities, enabling applications to comprehend and interpret their surroundings effectively.


  • 🌟 Effortless Customization: Craft personalized AI models with remarkable simplicity and ease.
  • 🚀 Real-time Visualization: Gain instant insights into the accuracy of AI model predictions.
  • 🎯 Multi-Object Identification: Train models to discern a variety of objects within a single scene.

Use Cases

  • 📸 Visual Assistance: Enhance awareness for visually impaired individuals by providing valuable insights about their environment.
  • 🏙️ Smart City Solutions: Develop applications that identify urban elements, contributing to improved civic planning.
  • 🍏 Agricultural Innovation: Create AI apps for identifying crop diseases, leading to optimized agricultural yields.


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In a world increasingly intertwined with AI, FieldDay stands out as an innovative platform that effortlessly personalizes AI applications. Its user-friendly interface and real-time visualization capabilities make it an exceptional choice for both individuals and businesses seeking to harness the potential of AI.


Q: Can individuals without technical backgrounds use FieldDay?

A: Absolutely! FieldDay’s intuitive design empowers users of all skill levels to create and deploy custom AI applications.

Q: What are the limitations of objects FieldDay can identify?

A: FieldDay’s AI models exhibit versatility, capable of recognizing a diverse range of objects, enabling various applications.

Q: How does real-time visualization aid in AI model development?

A: Real-time visualization facilitates continuous monitoring of AI model accuracy, allowing swift adjustments and enhancements.

Q: Can FieldDay AI apps be integrated into third-party software?

A: Yes, FieldDay seamlessly integrates AI apps into preferred platforms, extending their functionalities.

Q: Which platforms support FieldDay applications?

A: FieldDay applications can be integrated into multiple platforms, enhancing user experiences across diverse software environments.

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