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Altered Studio: Professional AI Voice Changing Software

Change your voice to any of our custom curated voices for professional performances.

Altered Features

  • 🎙️ AI voice alteration: Transform your voice into any AI voice from a curated portfolio or custom voices
  • 🏢 Industry trust: Used by renowned studios such as Rebound Sound Company, Rev Rooms, Gimlet, and more
  • 🌟 Enhanced user experience: Utilizes cookies to analyze data, provide social media features, and customize content

Use Cases

  • 🎭 Voice actors: seeking to create compelling voice performances with diverse AI voices
  • 🎥 Media studios: aiming to enhance audio production with AI-driven voice alteration
  • 🎬 Content creators: looking to add engaging and unique voiceovers to their projects


Altered Studio offers a powerful solution for creating captivating voice performances using advanced AI voice changing technology.


Q: What is Altered Studio?

A: Altered Studio is a professional AI voice changing software trusted by major media studios.

Q: What are the key features of Altered Studio?

A: Altered Studio allows users to transform their voice into any AI voice from a curated portfolio or custom voices. It is trusted by renowned studios and offers an enhanced user experience through data analysis, social media features, and content customization.

Q: Who can benefit from using Altered Studio?

A: Altered Studio caters to voice actors, media studios, and content creators who want to create compelling voice performances, enhance audio production, and add engaging voiceovers to their projects.

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