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Cleanvoice AI: The Ultimate Podcast Audio Enhancement Tool 🎙️

Cleanvoice is a powerful artificial intelligence tool designed to improve the quality of your podcasts and audio recordings. With its advanced features, it can detect and remove filler sounds, stuttering, mouth sounds, and dead air, resulting in a more professional and engaging audio output.


  • 🌐 Multilingual Filler Sound Remover: Cleanvoice can detect and remove fillers sounds like um’s and ah’s in multiple languages, including German, French, and more, making it ideal for international podcasts.
  • 🗣️ Accents Support: The algorithm can effectively handle accents from various countries, such as Australian and Irish accents, ensuring a seamless audio cleaning process for diverse speakers.
  • 👄 Mouth Sounds & Stuttering Removal: Clicking, lip-smacking, and stuttering are common issues in audio recordings. Cleanvoice is equipped to identify and eliminate these artifacts, delivering smooth and professional-sounding content.
  • 🔇 Dead Air Remover: Engaging podcasts require minimal dead air. Cleanvoice can detect prolonged silences and shorten them, keeping your audience captivated throughout the recording.
  • 📆 Timeline Export: If you prefer manual editing, Cleanvoice has got you covered. You can export the timeline to your editor and let Cleanvoice offer valuable editing suggestions, granting you more control and saving precious time.


Cleanvoice offers a free 30-minute trial with no credit card required. You can experience the power of this AI tool before committing to a plan.


Cleanvoice is the ultimate companion for podcasters and content creators seeking to elevate their audio quality. With its ability to remove filler sounds, stuttering, mouth sounds, and dead air, Cleanvoice ensures that your podcast resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impact.


Q: Is Cleanvoice compatible with different languages?

A: Yes, Cleanvoice can work with multiple languages, including German, French, and others.

Q: Can Cleanvoice handle accents from different countries?

A: Absolutely! Cleanvoice can effectively handle accents from various regions, providing a seamless audio cleaning experience.

Q: How does Cleanvoice handle mouth sounds and stuttering?

A: Cleanvoice is equipped to detect and remove clicking, lip-smacking, and stuttering from your audio recordings.

Q: What is the Dead Air Remover feature in Cleanvoice?

A: The Dead Air Remover identifies and shortens prolonged silences in your podcast, keeping your content engaging.

Q: Can I export the timeline to my editor with Cleanvoice?

A: Yes, you can export the timeline and let Cleanvoice provide editing suggestions, giving you more control and saving time in the editing process.

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