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Krisp: Enhancing Online Meetings with AI-Powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant 🎙️

Krisp is an innovative AI-powered Voice Productivity AI that aims to improve the productivity of online meetings by providing Voice Clarity and an AI Meeting Assistant. It offers a range of features that eliminate background noises, echoes, and distractions, ensuring crystal-clear communication during calls. Moreover, it provides automatic meeting transcription and notes, making collaboration and information sharing seamless.


  • 💡 AI Voice Clarity: Removes background voices and noises, ensuring only your voice is heard in the call.
  • 💡 AI Meeting Assistant: Offers automatic meeting transcription and summarization, making meetings more efficient.
  • 💡 Works on Mac and Windows: Compatible with both operating systems for versatile use.
  • 💡 Real-time Inflection Changes: Dynamically changes accents to improve customer-agent understanding.
  • 💡 Privacy-Focused: All voice processing happens locally on your device, ensuring data security and privacy.


Krisp offers a Free Forever plan, requiring no credit card information. Users can enjoy the Voice Productivity AI without any cost.


Krisp presents a powerful solution for enhancing online meetings and ensuring effective communication. By utilizing AI Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant, it removes distractions and enables seamless collaboration. Its compatibility with both Mac and Windows, along with its privacy-focused approach, makes it a trusted choice for individuals and teams across the globe.


Q: What does Krisp’s AI Voice Clarity feature do?

A: Krisp’s AI Voice Clarity removes background voices and noises during calls, allowing only your voice to be heard.

Q: How does the AI Meeting Assistant benefit users?

A: The AI Meeting Assistant provides automatic meeting transcription and summary, making meetings more efficient and easily shareable.

Q: Is Krisp compatible with both Mac and Windows?

A: Yes, Krisp works on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Q: Does Krisp process voice data locally?

A: Yes, Krisp processes your voice locally on your device, ensuring your voice never leaves your device.

Q: How much does Krisp’s Voice Productivity AI cost?

A: Krisp offers a Free Forever plan that requires no credit card information. It can be used without any cost.

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