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Samplab: Unleash Your Creative Sampling

Samplab is an advanced audio manipulation tool that revolutionizes the art of sampling. Powered by AI, it empowers users to manipulate audio samples like never before. Whether you want to change notes, detect and edit chords, or split music into stems, Samplab has got you covered.


  • 🎛️ Real-time Warping: Samplab allows users to warp audio samples in real-time, enabling seamless adjustments to the tempo and key of the samples.
  • 🎹 MIDI File Export: You can export manipulated samples as MIDI files, giving you the freedom to use them in various music production software.
  • 🧩 Chord Detection and Editing: Easily detect and edit chords in your audio samples while ensuring they remain in key when modified.
  • 🎵 Sample Matching: Samplab intelligently matches the tempo and key of different samples, making it effortless to combine them harmoniously.
  • 🎚️ Full Note Access: Gain full access to all the notes in any audio and modify them beyond recognition, opening up endless creative possibilities.

Use Cases

  1. 🎶 Music Production: Producers can use Samplab to create unique compositions by manipulating audio samples, changing notes, and adapting chords to fit their desired sound.
  2. 🎛️ DJ Remixing: DJs can employ Samplab to seamlessly blend different music samples together, ensuring they match in tempo and key, providing a smooth and professional-sounding remix.
  3. 🎤 Sound Design: Sound designers can explore new realms of creativity by extracting individual stems from audio files and manipulating them to create entirely new and innovative sounds.


To check Samplab’s pricing and available plans, visit their website.

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Samplab is an indispensable tool for music producers, DJs, and sound designers, providing them with unprecedented control over audio samples. With its AI-powered features, real-time warping, and chord editing capabilities, Samplab unleashes endless creative possibilities and elevates the art of sampling to new heights.


Q: Can I use Samplab for free?

A: Yes, you can get Samplab for free with limited features, including up to 10 seconds per audio file for mono audio and real-time warping.

Q: Is Samplab available as a plugin or desktop app?

A: Yes, Samplab is available both as a plugin (VST3 & AU) and a desktop app, designed to seamlessly integrate into your digital audio workstation (DAW) workflow.

Q: Does Samplab support stereo audio and premium note controls?

A: Yes, Samplab supports stereo audio and offers premium note controls, allowing for even more precise and intricate audio manipulation.

Q: Can I export manipulated samples as MIDI files?

A: Absolutely! Samplab allows you to export your modified samples as MIDI files, offering you greater flexibility and compatibility with other music production software.

Q: Can I use Samplab to create stems from audio files?

A: Yes, Samplab enables you to split music into stems, giving you full access to all the notes in any audio and empowering you to modify them beyond recognition.

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