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Vocal Remover

Last Updated: July 12, 2023Categories: Audio1.4 min read

🎵 Vocal Remover is a free online application that uses powerful AI algorithms to separate vocals from music in a song, providing a karaoke version without vocals and an isolated acapella version.


  • 💻 Free service for separating vocals from songs
  • 🎤 Creates a karaoke version of a song with no vocals
  • 🎵 Provides an isolated acapella version of the vocals
  • ⏱️ Fast processing time of approximately 10 seconds
  • 🧠 Utilizes advanced AI algorithms to achieve accurate separation


Vocal Remover AI is a convenient and efficient online tool that allows users to remove vocals from songs and obtain a karaoke version as well as an isolated acapella version. With its powerful AI algorithms, the service delivers reliable results, all at no cost to the user. Whether you’re looking to create a karaoke track or analyze vocal elements, VocalRemover offers a hassle-free solution.


  1. Is VocalRemover free to use? Yes, Vocal Remover provides its vocal separation service absolutely free of charge.
  2. How long does the processing take? The processing time is typically around 10 seconds, allowing for quick results.
  3. Can I obtain both a karaoke version and an isolated acapella version? Yes, Vocal Remover generates two tracks: a karaoke version without vocals and an isolated acapella version with only the vocals.
  4. Does Vocal Remover guarantee perfect vocal separation? While Vocal Remover AI utilizes advanced AI algorithms for accurate separation, the results may vary depending on the complexity of the song.
  5. Can I use the separated tracks for commercial purposes? does not impose any restrictions on the use of the separated tracks, so you can utilize them for personal or commercial purposes.

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