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BoltAI: Instant Access to ChatGPT on Any Mac App

BoltAI provides instant access to ChatGPT on any Mac app, eliminating the need for context switching. Users can now access ChatGPT directly within their favorite apps, enhancing their workflow and productivity. With BoltAI, users can streamline communication, accelerate content creation and research, and automate repetitive tasks.

BoltAI Features

  • 🔒 Secure & Privacy-Focused: BoltAI ensures that users’ data and interactions remain confidential.
  • 🔑 Use Your Own API Key: Users can maintain control over their AI Assistant’s behavior and data by using their own API key.
  • 💡 Built-in AI Commands & Prompt Library: BoltAI offers pre-defined actions and queries for automation and quick information retrieval.
  • 🌐 Train Your Own AI Assistants: Users can personalize their AI Assistant’s responses to meet their specific needs.
  • 💻 Native macOS App: BoltAI seamlessly integrates with users’ favorite apps for a unified workflow.
  • <li💰 Pay Once, Use Forever: Users can enjoy long-term value with a one-time payment model.

Use Cases

  • ✉️ Streamline Communication: Generate AI-generated responses in emails and chat apps to streamline communication.
  • 📚 Accelerate Content Creation and Research: Quickly retrieve information and insights to accelerate content creation and research.
  • ⚙️ Automate Repetitive Tasks: Create custom AI commands and shortcuts to automate repetitive tasks.


BoltAI revolutionizes the way users interact with ChatGPT on macOS by providing instant access within any Mac app. With its secure and privacy-focused approach, users can confidently leverage the power of AI to enhance their productivity. Whether it’s streamlining communication, accelerating content creation and research, or automating repetitive tasks, BoltAI offers a seamless and efficient workflow for users.


Q: Can I use BoltAI on any Mac app?
A: Yes, BoltAI provides instant access to ChatGPT on any Mac app, allowing you to enhance your workflow and productivity.

Q: Can I personalize my AI Assistant’s responses with BoltAI?
A: Absolutely! BoltAI allows you to train your own AI Assistants and personalize their responses to meet your specific needs.

Q: How does BoltAI ensure the security and privacy of my data and interactions?
A: BoltAI is designed with a secure and privacy-focused approach, ensuring that your data and interactions remain confidential.

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