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AI-Powered Test Generation with Checksum

Checksum is a software that simplifies the test generation process for developers and QA professionals, enabling them to achieve better test coverage for their web applications. By leveraging real user sessions and machine learning, Checksum automatically writes end-to-end tests based on actual user flows and behavior. This ensures that the tests accurately reflect the user experience and cover all critical functionalities of the application.

Checksum Features

  • AI-powered test generation: Improve test coverage with tests based on real user interactions.
  • Compatibility with popular frameworks: Generate tests for Playwright and Cypress frameworks.
  • Continuous test maintenance: Keep your tests up-to-date as your application evolves.

Use Cases

  • Enhance test coverage for web applications: Checksum helps developers and QA professionals improve the comprehensiveness of their tests, ensuring that all critical functionalities are thoroughly tested.
  • Streamline test generation and maintenance processes: By automating the test generation process and providing continuous test maintenance, Checksum simplifies and accelerates the testing workflow.
  • Improve software quality and reduce errors: With Checksum, developers can identify and fix potential issues early on, resulting in higher software quality and a reduced number of errors in production.


Checksum is a powerful tool that leverages AI to generate and maintain end-to-end tests for web applications. By utilizing real user sessions and machine learning, Checksum ensures that the generated tests accurately reflect user behavior and cover all critical functionalities. With its compatibility with popular frameworks and continuous test maintenance capabilities, Checksum streamlines the testing process and improves software quality. Developers and QA professionals can rely on Checksum to effortlessly generate comprehensive tests and ensure a higher quality web app experience for users.


Q: Can Checksum generate tests for other frameworks apart from Playwright and Cypress?

A: Checksum currently supports test generation for Playwright and Cypress frameworks.

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