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Codeium: AI-Powered Code Acceleration Toolkit

Codeium is an AI-powered code completion tool designed to streamline the coding process. It offers several key features and advantages that make coding smarter and more efficient.

Codeium Features

  • IDE integration: Codeium supports over 20+ languages and seamlessly integrates with popular IDEs.
  • Efficient coding: It reduces boilerplate coding, finds and uses APIs, and generates unit tests, saving developers time and effort.
  • Natural language processing: Codeium allows developers to type comments in natural language, enabling code completion based on the context.
  • Trusted by top companies: Codeium is used by industry-leading companies such as Adobe, Dropbox, IBM, Pinterest, Salesforce, and Tesla.
  • Free to use: Developers can install the Codeium Extension for unlimited access to its powerful features without any cost.

Use Cases

  • 🔧 Software developers: Codeium is ideal for software developers who want to improve coding efficiency and reduce time spent on syntax.
  • 🔧 Teams: It is beneficial for teams working on large or unfamiliar codebases, as it helps them adapt faster.
  • 🔧 Companies: Codeium can enhance the development process for companies by providing AI-powered tools.


Codeium is an AI-powered code acceleration toolkit that empowers developers to code smarter and more efficiently. With its IDE integration, efficient coding capabilities, natural language processing, and trusted reputation among top companies, Codeium is a valuable tool for developers looking to streamline their coding process. Whether you are a software developer, part of a team, or a company seeking to enhance your development process, Codeium can help you achieve your coding goals.


Q: What languages does Codeium support?

A: Codeium supports over 20+ languages, making it versatile for developers working with different programming languages.

Q: Can Codeium generate unit tests?

A: Yes, Codeium has the capability to generate unit tests, saving developers time and effort in writing test cases.

Q: Is Codeium free to use?

A: Yes, Codeium is free to use. Developers can install the Codeium Extension and enjoy unlimited access to its features without any cost.

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