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Zeus Notebook

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Zeus Notebook: A Browser-Based Python Notebook with AI Code Assistant

Zeus Notebook is a powerful browser-based Python notebook that allows users to run Python notebooks directly on their browsers. It comes with an AI code assistant named Zeus, which provides users with suggestions and guidance for their coding tasks. With Zeus Notebook, individuals can conveniently execute Python code and benefit from the assistance of Zeus in improving their coding skills.

Zeus Notebook Features

  • 🔍 Browser-based Python notebook: Users can run Python notebooks directly on their browsers.
  • 🤖 AI code assistant – Zeus: Interact with Zeus to receive suggestions and guidance for coding tasks.
  • 💬 Chat functionality: Enable chat functionality by inputting your OpenAI API key, allowing for interactive conversations with Zeus.

Use Cases

  • 🚀 Coding assistance: Benefit from Zeus’ AI-powered suggestions and guidance to improve coding skills.
  • 🐍 Python programming: Run and execute Python code conveniently within the browser.


Experience the power of Zeus Notebook, the browser-based Python notebook with an AI code assistant. Enhance your coding abilities, receive helpful suggestions, and enjoy interactive conversations with Zeus.


Q: Can I use Zeus Notebook on any browser?

A: Yes, Zeus Notebook is compatible with all major browsers.

Q: Is Zeus Notebook free to use?

A: Yes, Zeus Notebook offers a free version with limited features. There are also paid plans available for additional functionalities.

Q: Can I export my Python notebooks from Zeus Notebook?

A: Yes, Zeus Notebook allows you to export your Python notebooks in various formats, such as .ipynb and .py.

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