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AI Assist by airfocus

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AI Assist by airfocus: Streamlining Product Management Tasks

AI Assist by airfocus is an innovative solution tailored for product managers, designed to harness the power of AI to streamline product management tasks. This AI-powered tool integrates directly into airfocus item descriptions and comments, offering a spectrum of automated prompts that aid in idea generation, draft creation, feedback sentiment analysis, and simplification of complex technical jargon.

AI Assist by airfocus Features

  • 🤖 Automated Prompts: AI Assist provides automated prompts that facilitate idea generation, the creation of initial drafts, sentiment analysis of feedback, and demystification of technical jargon.
  • 🔡 Slash Commands and Editing Suggestions: These features save time on repetitive tasks, allowing users to focus on larger strategic concerns.
  • 🎯 Custom-Tailored for Product Managers: AI Assist’s prompts are tailored to meet the needs of product managers, offering detailed user stories, product requirement documents, and the ability to convert technical language into non-technical terms.

Use Cases

  • 📝 Idea Generation: AI Assist helps product managers generate new ideas by providing automated prompts and suggestions based on existing data and user feedback.
  • 📑 Draft Creation: The tool assists in creating initial drafts for product documents, saving time and effort for product managers.
  • 📊 Feedback Sentiment Analysis: AI Assist analyzes feedback sentiment, helping product managers understand the overall sentiment and make data-driven decisions.


AI Assist by airfocus offers a powerful AI-powered solution for product managers, helping to increase productivity, streamline operations, and save valuable time. With its automated prompts, slash commands, and tailored features, product managers can focus on strategic decision-making and the big picture, while AI Assist handles repetitive tasks and provides valuable resources. By leveraging AI technology, AI Assist enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of product management processes.


Q: How does AI Assist by airfocus save time for product managers?
A: AI Assist automates repetitive tasks, such as idea generation and draft creation, allowing product managers to focus on more strategic concerns.

Q: Can AI Assist analyze feedback sentiment?
A: Yes, AI Assist can analyze feedback sentiment, providing product managers with insights into the overall sentiment and helping them make data-driven decisions.

Q: Is AI Assist by airfocus customizable for different product management needs?
A: Yes, AI Assist’s prompts are tailored to meet the specific needs of product managers, offering resources like user stories, product requirement documents, and translation of technical language into layman’s terms.

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