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FigGPT: Streamlining Text Generation for Figma Designers

FigGPT is an AI-powered plugin designed to enhance the workflow and productivity of Figma designers. By integrating ChatGPT technology into Figma, FigGPT empowers designers to compose and edit copy with ease and efficiency. It offers several key features that make it a valuable tool for designers:

  • 🔍 Summarization: Quickly summarize text within Figma for efficient content comprehension.
  • 🎨 Style Change: Easily modify text styles, including fonts, sizes, and colors, within Figma designs.
  • 💡 Idea Generation: Generate a wide range of creative ideas for design concepts or copywriting.
  • ✍️ Text Composition: Compose text directly within Figma using the AI capabilities of FigGPT.
  • 🖼️ Component Population: Populate components with sample data to create realistic design mockups.
  • 👩‍💻 User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use by designers of all skill levels.
  • 💰 Free Plugin: Available at no cost for Figma and Figjam users.
  • 🔄 Regular Updates: Maintained by Alex Shevenionov, providing ongoing improvements and support through Twitter.

Use Cases

  • 👩‍🎨 Designers: Streamline workflow and enhance productivity within Figma.
  • ✍️ Copywriters: Compose and edit text more efficiently within design projects.
  • 👥 Teams: Collaborate on design projects, benefiting from FigGPT’s AI-powered features.
  • 💡 Inspiration Seekers: Find creative ideas and inspiration for design concepts.
  • 🤖 AI Enthusiasts: Explore the capabilities of AI technology in the design process.


FigGPT is a valuable tool for designers using Figma, offering AI-powered features that enhance productivity and creativity. Its seamless integration and user-friendly design make it a valuable asset for designers of all levels of expertise.


Q: Is FigGPT a paid plugin?
A: No, FigGPT is available for free to all Figma and Figjam users.

Q: Can FigGPT be used by non-designers?
A: Yes, FigGPT can be used by anyone interested in exploring the capabilities of AI technology in the design process.

Q: How often is FigGPT updated?
A: FigGPT is regularly updated by its maintainer, Alex Shevenionov, who provides ongoing improvements and support through Twitter.

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