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Crisp MagicReply

Last Updated: September 27, 2023Categories: Customer Support2 min read

Introducing MagicReply: Enhancing Customer Service with AI

Crisp introduces MagicReply, an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to revolutionize customer service by providing faster and more accurate responses. With its comprehensive features and benefits, MagicReply offers a better way to serve customers and improve overall customer experience.

Crisp MagicReply Features

  • No Setup Required: Crisp’s proprietary AI model eliminates the need for any setup, allowing teams to start using the tool immediately without installation.
  • Comprehensive Features: MagicReply includes a website chat widget, chatbot, CRM, shared inbox, ticketing system, campaigns, a knowledge base, and a status page for system monitoring.
  • MagicReply: This virtual assistant provides personalized responses to customers based on their past interactions, leveraging advanced machine learning capabilities.
  • Multilingual and Multichannel: Crisp supports multiple languages and channels, making it versatile and suitable for global use.
  • Free Trial: Users can experience the full capabilities of Crisp, including MagicReply, free of charge for 14 days.

Use Cases

  • 🔥 Efficient Customer Support: MagicReply enables customer support teams to provide faster and more accurate responses, improving overall customer satisfaction.
  • 🔥 Personalized Customer Interactions: With its advanced machine learning capabilities, MagicReply can deliver personalized responses based on each customer’s unique needs and preferences.
  • 🔥 Global Customer Service: Crisp’s multilingual and multichannel support allows businesses to serve customers from different regions and communicate in their preferred language.


MagicReply by Crisp is a game-changer in the field of customer service, offering a comprehensive set of features and benefits to enhance customer interactions. With its AI-powered virtual assistant, businesses can provide faster, more accurate, and personalized responses to their customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. The tool’s multilingual and multichannel support further enables businesses to serve a global customer base. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of MagicReply with Crisp’s free trial, and join over 500,000 brands that have already adopted this innovative solution to elevate their customer service.


Q: Can MagicReply summarize recorded conversations?
A: Yes, MagicReply can summarize recorded conversations, making it easier for agents to transition between shifts and ensuring a seamless customer service experience.

Q: What languages does MagicReply support?
A: MagicReply supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Finnish, and more.

Q: How does MagicReply control API uptime?
A: MagicReply ensures a smooth user experience by controlling API uptime, minimizing disruptions and downtime.

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