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Eesel AI

Last Updated: September 16, 2023Categories: Customer Support2.5 min read

Eesel AI: ChatGPT for Company Knowledge

Eesel AI is an innovative platform that functions like ChatGPT for your company’s knowledge. By integrating with tools such as Google Docs, Notion, Confluence, and your help center, Eesel AI becomes an “oracle” that can provide instant answers to any question. It can be added to Slack or used as a website widget, making it easily accessible to your team or external users.

Eesel AI Features

  • 🔮 Ask a question, get an answer: Eesel AI can respond to any query based on the knowledge you provide.
  • 🌎 Works with any app: Whether it’s Google Docs, Notion, or Confluence, Eesel AI can be trained with the information from these platforms.
  • 💬 Add it to Slack or as a website widget: Eesel AI can be integrated into Slack for internal use or added as a chat widget on your website for external users.
  • ⚡️ Automatic scraper: With just one click, Eesel AI can scrape and learn from your public help center or API documentation.
  • 🔒 Private by design: Your data is stored securely in a SOC2 compliant app, and Eesel AI does not use it to train ChatGPT. API access to your tools is not required.

Use Cases

  • 🛟 Support Escalation: By adding Eesel AI to Slack, your support team can easily find relevant information and draft responses.
  • 🛟 Support Deflection: Integrate Eesel AI into your website, help center, or API documentation using a chat widget, allowing end users to resolve queries directly.
  • 👩‍💼 Sales: Enable your sales team to obtain instant answers to questions like “does our product do X” or “what is the recommended DPA template” by adding Eesel AI to Slack.
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 People Ops: Deflect common questions in your Slack channel related to topics such as expense management or study budgets by integrating Eesel AI.


Eesel AI is a powerful tool that leverages ChatGPT technology to provide instant answers based on your company’s knowledge. With its seamless integration with various apps and the ability to add it to Slack or as a website widget, Eesel AI offers a convenient and efficient way to access information. Whether it’s for support escalation, support deflection, sales inquiries, or people operations, Eesel AI can enhance productivity and streamline communication within your organization.


Q: Can Eesel AI integrate with other platforms besides Slack?
A: Yes, Eesel AI can be integrated with various platforms such as Notion, Google Docs, Confluence, and more.

Q: Is the data stored by Eesel AI secure?
A: Yes, Eesel AI stores data in a SOC2 compliant app, ensuring the privacy and security of your information.

Q: Does Eesel AI require API access to my tools?
A: No, Eesel AI does not require API access to your tools, making it a secure and hassle-free solution.

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