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OpenChat: Create Custom ChatGPT-like Bots Without Coding

OpenChat is an AI tool that allows users to create their own ChatGPT-like chatbots for their website, PDF files, Notion, and other integrations without the need for coding. It offers an open-source chatbot console that enables easy management and deployment of customized chatbots.

OpenChat Features

  • 🤖 Code-Free Chatbot Creation: Build customized ChatGPT-like chatbots without coding.
  • 🔗 Embed and Share Anywhere: Easily embed chatbots on websites, PDF files, Notion, and other platforms.
  • 🖥️ Open-Source Chatbot Console: Manage and deploy chatbots through the user-friendly console.
  • 🔍 Powerful Crawlers and LLMs: Transform crawled data into knowledge using advanced language models.
  • 💼 Versatile Applications: Use OpenChat for customer support, private tutoring, internal knowledge bases, or personal libraries.
  • 📺 Live Demos: Explore live demos showcasing the possibilities of OpenChat in just a few minutes.

Use Cases

  • 👥 Create a customized AI chatbot for customer support on your website.
  • 📚 Use OpenChat as a private tutor by uploading books and asking the bot questions.
  • 📖 Build an internal knowledge base for your organization to easily access information.


OpenChat is a versatile platform that empowers users to create customized chatbots for various purposes. With its code-free chatbot creation, easy embedding and sharing capabilities, open-source chatbot console, powerful crawlers and LLMs, and versatile applications, OpenChat offers a comprehensive solution for building and deploying chatbots without the need for coding.


Q: Can OpenChat be used for customer support purposes?
A: Yes, OpenChat can be used to create a customized AI chatbot for customer support on websites.

Q: Is it possible to use OpenChat as a private tutor?
A: Absolutely! OpenChat allows users to upload books and interact with the chatbot, making it suitable for private tutoring purposes.

Q: Can OpenChat be used to build internal knowledge bases?
A: Yes, OpenChat enables users to build an internal knowledge base for organizations, providing easy access to information.

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