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Unthread: Revolutionizing Customer Support Workflows in Slack

Unthread is an AI-powered support tool that enables companies to provide efficient customer support directly within Slack. It revolutionizes customer support workflows by transforming Slack workspaces into streamlined customer support hubs, allowing businesses to deliver top-notch service and timely resolutions.

Unthread Features

  • Seamless Slack Integration: Unthread operates entirely within Slack, ensuring a cohesive and familiar environment for support teams.
  • Ticket Generation: Convert support requests into prioritized tickets with assignments and SLAs for efficient tracking.
  • Automated Assignment: Unthread assigns ownership of incoming messages, ensuring accountability and organized handling.
  • Faster Responses: Prioritize and categorize messages, allowing support reps to address important queries promptly.
  • Collaborative Resolution: Collaborate with colleagues within Slack to resolve issues and escalate when necessary.
  • AI Message Categorization: Utilize AI to automatically categorize messages like bugs, feature requests, and greetings.
  • Response Suggestions: AI-powered responses aid support reps in providing accurate solutions based on common queries.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate with tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Linear, and Asana for enhanced functionality.
  • Customizable Tags: Add your own tags for roadmap planning and prioritization of customer needs.
  • Industry-Focused: Tailored for various industries including FinTech, Infrastructure SAAS, HR Tech, Agencies, Open Source, and Productivity Tools.

Use Cases

  • 🔧 Efficient Ticket Handling: Simplify support processes within Slack for efficient and organized ticket handling.
  • 🔧 Improved Transparency: Assign ownership to support requests to improve transparency and accountability.
  • 🔧 Collaborative Issue Resolution: Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues to resolve customer issues collaboratively.


Unthread is the ultimate solution for transforming Slack into a powerful customer support platform. With its AI-powered capabilities, ticket prioritization, and collaborative features, Unthread ensures efficient support workflows and timely issue resolutions. Simplify customer support within Slack and provide exceptional service with Unthread. Experience the future of support today!


Q: Can Unthread be integrated with other tools?

A: Yes, Unthread seamlessly integrates with tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Linear, and Asana for enhanced functionality.

Q: How does Unthread categorize messages?

A: Unthread utilizes AI to automatically categorize messages, such as bugs, feature requests, and greetings.

Q: Can I customize the tags in Unthread?

A: Yes, you can add your own tags in Unthread for precise categorization and prioritization.

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