Last Updated: December 5, 2023Categories: Developer Tools2 min read An AI Tool for Developer Productivity is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance the productivity of developers. It offers various features and advantages to help developers troubleshoot error messages on their Mac. The key features of include:

  • 🔍 Computer vision and OpenAI’s LLMs: This feature allows the tool to understand what is displayed on the developer’s screen and provide context-specific fixes.
  • 📚 Memory layer: Developers can access a summarized story with screenshots of the most important moments from their recent work, allowing them to recall information quickly.
  • 🔍 OCR: enables developers to retrieve information from the contents displayed on their screen, making it easier to find specific details.
  • 📂 Automatic categorization: The tool categorizes stories into sections, making it convenient for developers to locate the information they need.
  • 🔒 Private beta phase: Interested users can request to be notified when the tool becomes available for wider release.

Use Cases

  • 🚀 Efficient Work: helps developers work efficiently across multiple applications, improving their overall productivity.
  • 📝 Memory Layer: By providing a memory layer, the tool allows developers to capture significant moments from their work, ensuring important information is not forgotten.

The app ensures data privacy by keeping all information stored on the user’s Mac, without any data leaving the system.

Conclusion is an AI-powered tool that empowers developers to enhance their productivity. With features like computer vision, memory layer, OCR, and automatic categorization, developers can troubleshoot errors, recall information quickly, and organize their work effectively. The tool’s private beta phase allows interested users to stay updated on its availability for wider release. By improving efficiency and providing a memory layer, proves to be a valuable asset for developers seeking to optimize their workflow.


Q: Can be used on platforms other than Mac?
A: No, is specifically designed for Mac users.

Q: Is the data stored on secure?
A: Yes, all data is stored locally on the user’s Mac, ensuring privacy and security.

Q: Can be used in conjunction with other developer tools?
A: Yes, is designed to work seamlessly with other developer tools, enhancing overall productivity.

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