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Lightrail: An AI Command Bar for Developers

Lightrail is an AI command bar that provides developers with an always-on LLM (Language Model) instance, allowing them to access and save context across their applications. With Lightrail, developers can perform various tasks such as reading through a documentation site and making edits across multiple files in a VSCode project.

Lightrail Features

  • 🔍 Access Lightrail from anywhere: Simply type ⌘⇧Space to open up the command bar.
  • 🔗 Seamlessly integrate information from multiple apps: Users can access their current VSCode project or Chrome tabs via shortcuts in the command bar to utilize relevant information without the need for copy-pasting.
  • 🛠️ Specialized tracks for different tasks: Lightrail allows users to chat directly with the LLM instance, edit their VSCode project, generate Shell scripts, or run SQL queries on their Postgres DB.
  • 🌐 Open Source & Extensible: The source code of Lightrail is publicly accessible on the Lightrail Github repo. Open-source contributors can create new tracks or add new sources of data using the public Tracks API.

Use Cases

  • 📚 Quickly create a component library: Generate new React components based on the current VSCode selection, enabling developers to create a component library efficiently.
  • 📝 Edit your VSCode project: Make edits across multiple files in a VSCode project, such as implementing Supabase authentication.
  • 📖 Read through a project docs’ site: Utilize a project’s documentation site to generate new code or gain insights for development.
  • 💻 Quickly run lightweight SQL queries: Perform SQL queries against a production database without the need for complex setups.


Lightrail is a powerful AI command bar that empowers developers to streamline their workflow and access relevant information across multiple applications. With its features like seamless integration, specialized tracks, and open-source extensibility, Lightrail provides developers with a versatile tool to enhance their productivity and efficiency.


Q: Is Lightrail compatible with all programming languages?
A: Yes, Lightrail can be used with any programming language as it focuses on providing an AI-powered command bar that can access and save context across applications.

Q: Can I customize Lightrail to fit my specific development needs?
A: Absolutely! Lightrail is open source and extensible, allowing developers to create new tracks or add new sources of data according to their requirements.

Q: How does Lightrail handle sensitive data and security?
A: Lightrail takes data security seriously. It follows industry-standard security practices and ensures that sensitive data is handled securely.

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