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Logwise: Accelerate Incident Response and Gain Deeper Insights from Your Logs

Logwise is an AI-powered log analysis platform that helps teams extract valuable insights from their logs, applications, and data sources. By using Logwise, teams can significantly reduce incident response times, cut time spent on manual log review, and improve collaboration among team members. With automated anomaly detection and proactive alerting, Logwise empowers engineers to resolve issues faster and focus on the actual problem at hand.


  • ⚙️ AI-Powered Log Analysis: Logwise employs powerful AI/ML models to automatically surface insights, patterns, and anomalies from massive log data.
  • 🔗 Centralized Data Hub: Discover a centralized hub for all your data and logs, enhanced with semantic search capabilities, creating a smooth, time-efficient process.
  • 🚨 Automated Anomaly Detection: Experience proactive alerting with automated anomaly detection, and let AI sift out the noise from your logs to spotlight the truly critical issues.
  • 🔄 Seamless Integrations: Logwise integrates directly into your existing systems like Slack, Jira, and PagerDuty to surface log insights when you need them.
  • 🛡️ Enhanced Data Security: Logwise ensures your data is secure and protected, giving you peace of mind while leveraging its powerful features.

Use Cases

  • 🚀 Accelerated Incident Response: By correlating connected events across data sources and reducing alert noise, Logwise accelerates investigation, allowing teams to resolve issues faster.
  • 🕵️ Efficient Log Review Process: Logwise’s automated insights cut time spent on manual log review by 80%, enabling developers to focus on the actual problem and not just digging through data.
  • 💡 Deeper Insights with Semantic Search: With semantic search capabilities, Logwise helps users discover valuable insights and patterns within their data, leading to better decision-making.


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Logwise is a game-changer for incident response and log analysis. Its AI-powered capabilities enable teams to gain deeper insights from their logs, identify critical issues faster, and collaborate seamlessly through various integrations. With Logwise, organizations can save time, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall reliability of their systems.


Q: What is logwise?

A: Logwise is an AI-powered log analysis platform that extracts valuable insights from logs, applications, and data sources, enabling teams to resolve issues quickly.

Q: How does logwise save time?

A: Logwise reduces manual log review time by 80% through automated insights, allowing developers to focus on addressing the actual problem.

Q: Is my data secure?

A: Yes, Logwise ensures data security and protection, giving users peace of mind while leveraging its powerful features.

Q: Do you also create alerts?

A: Yes, when Logwise spots an anomaly, it swiftly creates an alert, enabling developers to address issues faster than traditional log analyzers.

Q: Can I integrate Logwise with Github?

A: Yes, Logwise offers seamless integration with Github, allowing the creation and management of issues directly from the platform, boosting team productivity and collaboration.

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