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Enhancing API Performance with PerfAI

Boosting API performance is crucial for ensuring the seamless functioning of modern web and mobile applications. PerfAI offers an innovative AI-driven solution that automates every aspect of the performance journey. Leveraging a continuously growing database of 42k public APIs, PerfAI generates comprehensive and tailored coverage, validating critical paths within APIs. This AI-driven approach helps developers swiftly address high-yield issues and optimize performance.

Key Features

  • 🚀 Continuous & Automated Testing: PerfAI seamlessly integrates with GitHub and CI/CD marketplaces, enabling Shift-Left and continuous API performance testing. This ensures early identification and resolution of performance issues.
  • 🤖 AI-Driven Testing: Say goodbye to manual test writing. PerfAI adapts to API changes and automatically detects new features, delivering tailored coverage at the pace your team codes. This saves an average of 150 hours per API every year.
  • 📊 Comprehensive Coverage: PerfAI introduces the industry-first Performance Top-10 List, revolutionizing API flow validation. This ensures comprehensive and accurate performance coverage.
  • 🎯 Success-Driven Scoring: PerfAI introduces a scoring-based system for API performance evaluation. No more complex graphs or CSV files—this system empowers leadership to effectively manage customer-centric issues and drive business success.

Use Cases

  1. E-commerce Platform: PerfAI helps an e-commerce platform optimize API performance to ensure fast and reliable transactions, enhancing user experience and driving higher sales.
  2. Healthcare Application: A healthcare app utilizes PerfAI to continuously test APIs, ensuring smooth patient data exchange between devices, improving patient care quality.
  3. Gaming App: PerfAI is integrated into a gaming app’s development process, automatically detecting and addressing API performance bottlenecks, leading to uninterrupted gameplay.


  • Community Edition: Free forever. No credit card required. Includes AI test writing elimination, top-10 checks, and limited endpoints/runs.
  • Apps Plan: $199.00 USD/API/month. Enjoy integrated results, technical support, expanded endpoints, and runs.
  • Microservices Plan: $69.00 USD/API/month. Benefit from integrated results, technical support, and balanced endpoints/runs.
  • Managed Performance Plan: $500.00 USD/API/month. Collaborate with PerfAI’s performance engineering team for full onboarding and maintenance.
  • Need a tailored plan? Contact PerfAI for a custom quote.

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PerfAI presents a cutting-edge solution to the challenges of API performance optimization. By automating testing and leveraging AI, it enables businesses to deliver high-performing APIs that enhance user experience and drive business success.


Q: How does PerfAI ensure comprehensive coverage?

A: PerfAI introduces the Performance Top-10 List, a groundbreaking feature that validates API flows comprehensively, guaranteeing accurate performance coverage.

Q: Can PerfAI integrate with CI/CD workflows?

A: Absolutely, PerfAI seamlessly integrates with GitHub and CI/CD marketplaces, enabling continuous and automated API performance testing.

Q: What benefits does the Success-Driven Scoring system offer?

A: PerfAI’s Success-Driven Scoring system simplifies API performance assessment, allowing leadership to effectively manage customer-centric issues and achieve business success.

Q: How does PerfAI adapt to changing APIs?

A: PerfAI’s AI-driven testing automatically detects new features in APIs, delivering tailored coverage without requiring manual test writing.

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