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Superflows: Empower Users with an AI Assistant

Superflows is an open-source toolkit designed to help businesses build an AI assistant that allows users to control their products through chat. With Superflows, businesses can enhance user experience and improve activation and retention rates.

Superflows Features

  • 🤖 Control Dashboard: Superflows provides a control dashboard that allows product managers to customize the actions users can take through the AI assistant. This feature enables businesses to tailor the assistant’s functionality to meet their specific needs.
  • 🎭 Character Customization: The toolkit also allows product managers to shape the character of the AI assistant. Businesses can create a unique personality for the assistant, aligning it with their brand identity and creating a more engaging user experience.
  • 📊 Performance Evaluation: Superflows offers a playground where product managers can evaluate the performance of the AI assistant. This feature enables businesses to track the assistant’s effectiveness and make data-driven improvements.
  • 🔌 API Integration: Superflows provides an API that allows businesses to easily connect their existing systems and databases. This integration saves engineers valuable time by eliminating the need to build an AI assistant from scratch.
  • 💻 User Interface Components: The toolkit offers pre-built user interface components that can be easily integrated into existing software. This feature further accelerates the development process, enabling businesses to deploy their AI assistant in a matter of weeks.

Use Cases

  • 🛒 E-commerce Support: Superflows can be used to create an AI assistant for e-commerce platforms, allowing users to search for products, track orders, and receive personalized recommendations through chat.
  • 🏢 Enterprise Software Assistance: Businesses can leverage Superflows to build an AI assistant that helps users navigate complex enterprise software, providing step-by-step guidance and answering common questions.
  • 🎮 Gaming Assistance: Superflows can be utilized to develop an AI assistant for gaming platforms, offering in-game tips, troubleshooting assistance, and personalized game recommendations.


Superflows empowers businesses to enhance their products by integrating an AI assistant that enables users to control their software through chat. With features like the control dashboard, character customization, and performance evaluation, businesses can create a personalized and engaging user experience. The API integration and pre-built user interface components save valuable development time, allowing businesses to deploy their AI assistant quickly. Whether it’s in e-commerce, enterprise software, or gaming, Superflows offers a versatile solution for businesses looking to improve user activation and retention.


Q: Can Superflows be used with any programming language?

A: Yes, Superflows can be integrated with any programming language through its API.

Q: Is Superflows compatible with mobile applications?

A: Yes, Superflows can be seamlessly integrated into both web and mobile applications.

Q: Can the AI assistant understand multiple languages?

A: Yes, Superflows supports multilingual capabilities, allowing the AI assistant to communicate with users in their preferred language.

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