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Revolutionize Your Product Photography with Wordlab

Escape the hefty costs and long waits of professional studio shoots and create eye-catching eCommerce product photos, anytime, anywhere. Wordlab is a game-changing AI-powered photo studio app that empowers users to effortlessly produce studio-quality product photos, saving them from the expenses and delays associated with professional studio shoots, as well as the complexities of DIY editing and the vagaries of unpredictable lighting.

Wordlab Features

  • 📸 Instant Background Change: Effortlessly transform the appeal and visual context of your product photos with a background-changing feature.
  • 🔥 Remove Image Background: Instantly isolate your product from its original backdrop with a single click, providing a clean, transparent canvas for your work.
  • 🎨 Change Background Color: Convert your product’s background to any color of your choice to match your brand or theme.

Use Cases

  • 🎄 Christmas Product Photography: Capture the holiday spirit and showcase your products in festive settings.
  • 🎃 Halloween Product Photography: Create spooky and captivating product images for Halloween-themed promotions.
  • 👠 Shoes Photography: Highlight the details and elegance of your footwear collection with professional product photos.
  • 💄 Beauty Product Photography: Present your cosmetics and skincare products in stunning visuals that attract customers.


Wordlab, the AI-Powered Photo Studio App, revolutionizes product photography for eCommerce. With its innovative features like instant background change, background removal, and background color customization, Wordlab simplifies the process of creating high-quality product photos. Say goodbye to costly studio shoots and complex editing; Wordlab is your path to stunning product visuals. Try it for free today and transform your eCommerce photography.


Q: Can I use Wordlab on my smartphone?
A: Yes, Wordlab is designed to be used on smartphones, allowing you to create professional product photos anytime, anywhere.

Q: Is there a limit to the file size of the product photos I can upload?
A: Yes, the photo must be under 5 MB in size to ensure smooth processing within the app.

Q: Can I customize the prompt text for my product photos?
A: Absolutely! Wordlab allows you to define the setting for your product by typing in your own prompt text or selecting from a list of prompt templates provided by the app.

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