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Abnormal Security

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Advanced Email Protection with Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security offers advanced email protection against various threats such as credential phishing, business email compromise, account takeover, and more. The platform utilizes a cloud-native, API-based architecture and an AI-based behavioral anomaly detection system to prevent known and emerging attacks.

Abnormal Security Features

  • 🔒 Inbound Email Security: Blocks targeted inbound email attacks including credential phishing, business email compromise, supply chain fraud, and more.
  • 🔒 Email Account Takeover: Stops account takeovers, attacks via third-party applications, and other platform threats.
  • 🔒 Email Security Posture Management: Alerts on high-risk configuration changes to users, apps, and mail tenants.
  • 🔒 Email Security Operations: Fully automates triage and remediation of user-reported emails.

Use Cases

  • 🔒 Fortune 200 Asset Management Company: A Fortune 200 asset management company used Abnormal Security to protect its employees and customers from cyber attacks, reducing risk, gaining visibility, and securing user identity.


Abnormal Security provides advanced email protection with its cloud-native, API-based architecture and AI-based behavioral anomaly detection system. By offering features such as inbound email security, email account takeover prevention, email security posture management, and automated email security operations, Abnormal Security helps organizations proactively defend against email threats. Trusted by global enterprises and used by over 10% of the Fortune 500, Abnormal Security has proven to be effective in reducing business email compromise and other email attacks, allowing organizations to enhance their security posture.


Q: What makes Abnormal Security different from other email protection solutions?

A: Abnormal Security stands out with its cloud-native, API-based architecture and AI-based behavioral anomaly detection system, providing advanced protection against known and emerging email threats.

Q: Can Abnormal Security protect email accounts on platforms other than traditional email providers?

A: Yes, Abnormal Security extends its protection to email-like channels including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Q: How easy is it to install and set up Abnormal Security?

A: Abnormal Security can be installed in seconds with no tuning, setup, or operational overhead, making it a user-friendly solution.

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