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Last Updated: September 17, 2023Categories: Email2.7 min read

Send 3000+ Personalized emails to your Prospects

With First Line GPT, you can now send over 3000 personalized emails to your prospects, making your outreach more effective and efficient. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on hyper-personalized lines, First Line GPT offers a cost-effective alternative with semi-personalization at scale.

First Line GPT Features

  • ✉️ Send 3,000 personalized emails per month for only $49: With First Line GPT, you can send a large volume of personalized emails without breaking the bank.
  • ✉️ Semi-personalization at scale: First Line GPT allows you to personalize your emails on a large scale, saving you time and effort.
  • ✉️ Easily upload and map your fields (currently only supports LinkedIn): You can easily upload your prospect data and map the relevant fields for personalized email generation.
  • ✉️ 99% success rate in generating first lines: First Line GPT has a high success rate in generating effective and engaging first lines for your emails.
  • ✉️ No need to double-check; first lines come ready to use: The generated first lines are ready to use, saving you the hassle of double-checking and editing.
  • ✉️ Advanced Chat GPT prompts and processes for generating first lines: First Line GPT utilizes advanced Chat GPT prompts and processes to generate high-quality first lines.
  • ✉️ Unlimited credit roll over (doesn’t expire): Your unused credits will roll over and never expire, giving you flexibility and value for your investment.
  • ✉️ Unlimited projects: You can create and manage unlimited projects with First Line GPT, allowing you to personalize your outreach for various campaigns.

Use Cases

  • ✉️ Increase open rates by almost double with personalized first lines: By using personalized first lines, you can significantly increase the open rates of your emails.
  • ✉️ Boost reply rates by 60% with personalized first lines: Personalized first lines have been proven to boost reply rates, increasing the chances of engaging with your prospects.
  • ✉️ Improve sales opportunities by an estimated 30% with personalized first lines: Personalized first lines can help you create a strong first impression and improve your chances of converting prospects into sales opportunities.


First Line GPT offers a powerful solution for sending personalized emails to your prospects. With its cost-effective pricing, advanced features, and proven success rate, it is a valuable tool for optimizing your outreach efforts and achieving better results.


Q: Can I use First Line GPT for platforms other than LinkedIn?

A: Currently, First Line GPT only supports LinkedIn for uploading and mapping fields. However, we are continuously working on expanding our platform compatibility.

Q: How can personalized first lines improve my email outreach?

A: Personalized first lines create a stronger connection with your prospects, increasing the chances of them opening and engaging with your emails. It helps you stand out from generic outreach and shows that you have taken the time to tailor your message to their needs.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

A: Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no long-term commitments, and you have the flexibility to adjust your usage based on your needs.

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