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Personalised Cold Outreach: LinkedIn Profile Analysis Made Easy

Outboundly is an AI-powered Chrome extension that simplifies the process of generating personalized cold emails and LinkedIn messages. By analyzing LinkedIn profiles, Outboundly helps users create tailored messages for each prospect, resulting in up to 6X higher response rates.

Outboundly Features

  • 🔍 Instantly analyze LinkedIn profiles for cold outreach: Outboundly allows users to quickly analyze LinkedIn profiles, gathering valuable information to personalize their outreach messages.
  • 🎓 Custom AI training for standard & pro packages: Outboundly offers custom AI training options, allowing users to align the generated messages with their brand’s voice and tone.
  • 🌐 Built-in B2B community: Outboundly provides a built-in B2B community where users can engage with other salespeople, access forums, and find learning resources.
  • 🔗 Compatible with LinkedIn profiles and Sales Navigator leads: Outboundly seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn profiles and Sales Navigator leads, making it easy to generate personalized messages for targeted prospects.

Use Cases

  • 👥 Personalizing messages for LinkedIn prospecting: Outboundly enables users to create personalized messages for LinkedIn prospecting, increasing the chances of engagement and response.
  • ✉️ Generating AI-powered cold emails for higher response rates: With Outboundly, users can generate AI-powered cold emails that are more likely to receive responses, leading to improved outreach success.
  • 🤝 Learning and engaging with other B2B salespeople within the Outboundly community: Outboundly’s built-in B2B community allows users to connect with other sales professionals, share insights, and learn from each other’s experiences.


Outboundly is a powerful tool for personalized cold outreach on LinkedIn. By analyzing LinkedIn profiles and offering custom AI training, it helps users create tailored messages that resonate with their prospects. The built-in B2B community further enhances the user experience by providing a platform for learning and engagement. With Outboundly, users can optimize their outreach efforts and achieve higher response rates.


Q: Can Outboundly be used with any LinkedIn profile?

A: Yes, Outboundly is compatible with all LinkedIn profiles and Sales Navigator leads.

Q: How does Outboundly generate personalized messages?

A: Outboundly analyzes LinkedIn profiles to gather information that can be used to create tailored messages for each prospect.

Q: Can I customize the generated messages to match my brand’s voice?

A: Yes, Outboundly offers custom AI training options for standard and pro packages, allowing you to align the generated messages with your brand’s voice and tone.

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