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Raizer: Streamlining Fundraising for Startups

Raizer is an AI-powered tool designed to assist startup founders in raising funds and connecting with relevant investors. It offers several key features and advantages:

Raizer Features

  • 🔍 Investor database: Access verified and up-to-date information on thousands of VCs and Angel investors.
  • 💬 Personalized messages: Generate hyper-specific messages in various tones of voice, such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk styles.
  • 📧 Multiple outreach channels: Reach out to investors via email, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  • 🤝 Warm introductions: Facilitate response-guaranteed introductions to 500+ top VCs, Family funds, and Angel investors.

Use Cases

  • 🚀 Startup founders: Seeking to raise funds and connect with relevant investors.
  • 💼 Entrepreneurs: Looking to save time on manual research and outreach.
  • 💡 Startups: Aiming to simplify the fundraising process and increase their chances of success.


Overall, Raizer offers an easy, fast, and free solution for startups to streamline the fundraising process and connect with the right investors.


Q: How does Raizer help startups find investors?

A: Raizer provides access to a comprehensive investor database, allowing startups to find and connect with relevant investors quickly and easily.

Q: Can Raizer generate personalized messages for outreach?

A: Yes, Raizer has a feature that enables startups to generate hyper-specific messages in various tones of voice, tailored to the preferences of different investors.

Q: What channels can startups use to reach out to investors through Raizer?

A: Startups can reach out to investors via email, LinkedIn, or Twitter, using Raizer’s multiple outreach channels feature.

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