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Receipt Cat

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Receipt Cat: Simplifying Expense Tracking and Financial Management

Receipt Cat is a receipt scanning and expense tracking app designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs manage their finances. The app utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to streamline the process of managing receipts and tracking expenses.

Receipt Cat Features

  • AI-Powered Receipt Scanning: Utilizes OCR and AI technology to extract key information from receipts and invoices.
  • Drag-and-Drop Upload: Allows users to easily upload receipts by dragging and dropping them into the app.
  • Custom Expense Categories: Enables users to categorize expenses based on their specific business needs.
  • Reporting Dashboard: Provides a visual overview of finances, allowing users to analyze spending patterns and make informed decisions.
  • Subscription Plans: Offers free and paid subscription plans with varying entry limits and additional features.
  • Online Receipt and Invoice Generator: Provides a free tool for creating professional receipts and invoices.
  • Blog with Financial Tips: Offers valuable resources and advice on managing finances and optimizing expense management.

Use Cases

  • 👥 Small business owners and entrepreneurs: who need an efficient way to track and organize expenses.
  • 👥 Freelancers and independent contractors: who want to streamline their expense management process.
  • 👥 Individuals: who want to save time and effort in manual data entry for receipts and invoices.


Receipt Cat is an AI-powered app that simplifies expense tracking and financial management for small business owners and entrepreneurs. With its advanced features like AI-powered receipt scanning, drag-and-drop upload, and custom expense categories, Receipt Cat offers a user-friendly solution for efficient expense tracking. The app also provides a reporting dashboard, subscription plans, an online receipt and invoice generator, and a blog with financial tips to further enhance the financial management experience.


Q: Who can benefit from using Receipt Cat?

A: Small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent contractors, and individuals who want to simplify their expense tracking and financial management process can benefit from using Receipt Cat.

Q: How does Receipt Cat extract information from receipts?

A: Receipt Cat utilizes OCR and AI technology to extract key information from receipts and invoices, making the process quick and accurate.

Q: Can Receipt Cat generate professional-looking receipts and invoices?

A: Yes, Receipt Cat provides an online receipt and invoice generator that allows users to create professional-looking receipts and invoices for their business transactions.

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