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Reflect: Revolutionizing Fitness with AI Technology

Train closer than ever to your favorite coaches and influencers with Reflect. Reflect is an innovative fitness platform that leverages AI technology to provide a unique and personalized fitness experience. It is designed to empower coaches and creators to train audiences at scale, offering a comprehensive suite of health and fitness tools.

Reflect Features

  • 🤖 AI Assistant Coaching: Reflect uses Generative AI to provide users with a 24/7 Assistant Coach for constant support.
  • 👁️ Computer Vision: The platform can monitor and track users’ movements with unprecedented accuracy.
  • 📈 Progress Tracking: Reflect tracks users’ activities and provides a gamified experience.
  • 🌍 Global Leaderboards: Users can train with the rest of the world with Reflect’s global leaderboards and interactive events.
  • 💼 Business Growth: Reflect helps coaches scale their online business with ease.

Use Cases

  • 🏋️‍♀️ Personal Fitness Training: Reflect allows individuals to receive personalized fitness training from their favorite coaches and influencers.
  • 👥 Group Fitness Classes: Users can participate in interactive group fitness classes led by renowned trainers.
  • 👨‍⚕️ Rehabilitation Support: Reflect can be used by physiotherapists and biokineticists to ensure their clients are performing rehab exercises correctly.


Reflect is revolutionizing the fitness industry with its AI-powered platform. By leveraging AI technology, Reflect provides users with personalized coaching, accurate movement tracking, and a gamified experience. With global leaderboards and interactive events, users can train alongside fitness enthusiasts from around the world. Reflect also offers business growth opportunities for coaches, allowing them to scale their online businesses effortlessly. Whether you’re looking for personal fitness training, group fitness classes, or rehabilitation support, Reflect has you covered. Experience the future of health and fitness tech with Reflect’s free trial.


Q: What technology does Reflect use?
A: Reflect uses a mix of motion tracking and generative AI, personalized to the services provided on the app.

Q: Can Reflect be used by rehab specialists?
A: Yes, Reflect can be used by physiotherapists and biokineticists to ensure their clients are doing their rehab correctly.

Q: Is Reflect available on Android?
A: Currently, Reflect is only available on iOS, but the company is working on bringing it to Android users. The app can be used on both iPhone and iPad.

Note: Reflect does not keep any sensitive user data. Privacy is their top priority.

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