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Hirable: AI-Powered Resume Builder and Analyzer

Hirable is an AI-powered resume builder and analyzer that simplifies the process of creating a professional resume. By leveraging GPT technology, Hirable can generate a complete resume within seconds based on the information provided by the user.

With Hirable, users can easily switch tones and rewrite their resumes with just a click of a button. The platform also offers AI-powered analytics that highlight missing keywords, provide suggestions, and offer action items to ensure that the resume beats ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and attracts recruiters.

Key features of Hirable include:

📝 Generate a completely new resume: Users can answer a few questions about themselves, and Hirable will build a personalized resume within seconds.

🔍 Resume analysis: Hirable analyzes the user’s resume and provides actionable insights based on the specific job description and role they are applying for.

🎯 Match with job offers: Users can share the job and role they are applying for, and Hirable will automatically generate a personalized resume tailored to that specific job.

Use Cases

📝 Use Case 1: John wants to create a resume for a marketing position. He uses Hirable to generate a new resume by answering a few questions about his experience and skills.

🔍 Use Case 2: Sarah has an existing resume but wants to improve it. She uploads her resume to Hirable, and the platform provides her with actionable insights and suggestions to enhance her resume.

🎯 Use Case 3: Michael found a job opening that he is interested in. He shares the job details with Hirable, and the platform generates a personalized resume specifically tailored to that job.


Hirable is a powerful AI-powered resume builder and analyzer that simplifies the resume creation process. With its ability to generate personalized resumes and provide actionable insights, Hirable helps users create resumes that stand out to recruiters and beat ATS. Whether users need to create a new resume or improve an existing one, Hirable offers a user-friendly solution that saves time and ensures a professional result.


Q: Can Hirable create resumes for different industries?
A: Yes, Hirable can generate resumes for various industries and job roles.

Q: How does Hirable analyze resumes?
A: Hirable uses AI-powered analytics to analyze resumes and provide actionable insights based on the specific job description and role.

Q: Can Hirable be used for multiple job applications?
A: Absolutely! Hirable allows users to generate personalized resumes for different job offers and roles.

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