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iApply Limited – AI Based Career Finder | Smart Job Portal

iApply is an AI-powered search engine and job portal that revolutionizes the way job seekers find employment opportunities. With iApply, users can save time and eliminate the stress of job hunting by letting the AI algorithm handle the search process. The platform provides real-time job postings from various industries and automatically applies to up to 4,000 jobs across three selected countries.

Key features of iApply include:

🔍 Realtime Jobs: Access up to 4,000 real-time job postings in various industries worldwide.

🤖 Automated Applying: The AI algorithm searches and applies for relevant jobs based on user preferences.

🌍 Worldwide Coverage: Users can choose up to three countries and preferred job titles to expand their job search.

📊 User Dashboard: Stay informed about job applications and detailed analytics through the user dashboard.

iApply serves a wide range of individuals, including working professionals seeking career growth, unemployed job seekers navigating a changing job market, skilled workers looking for jobs that match their expertise, and fresh graduates in need of assistance in landing their dream job.

Use Cases:

👩‍💼 Working Professionals: iApply helps professionals find new opportunities aligned with their goals and save time in the job search process.

🧑‍🌾 Unemployed Jobseekers: iApply supports job seekers in finding the right job in a competitive job market.

👨‍🔧 Skilled Workers: iApply assists skilled workers in discovering job opportunities that match their skills and expertise.


iApply is a game-changer in the job search industry, leveraging AI technology to simplify and streamline the process for job seekers. With its advanced features and worldwide coverage, iApply empowers individuals to explore endless job opportunities and take their careers to new heights.


Q: How does iApply work?
A: iApply uses AI algorithms to search for and apply to relevant jobs on behalf of users, keeping them updated through the user dashboard.

Q: Can I customize my job search preferences on iApply?
A: Yes, users can choose their preferred job titles and up to three countries to expand their job search.

Q: Who can benefit from using iApply?
A: iApply serves working professionals, unemployed job seekers, skilled workers, and fresh graduates looking for job opportunities aligned with their goals.

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