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Evoke Music

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Evoke Music: A Royalty-Free Music Library Made with AI

Evoke Music is a royalty-free music library made with AI for content creators who need high-quality music without the hassle of copyright claims or the need for a large budget. With Evoke Music, users can access a vast collection of original tracks composed using proprietary AI songwriting software.

Evoke Music Features

  • 🎵 Music made with AI: Evoke Music’s music library consists of 100% original tracks composed with their AI songwriting software.
  • 📱 Supports all social media: Users can easily upload their Evoke Music tracks to popular social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and TikTok.
  • 🔍 Search with context: The platform allows users to search for music based on genre, instrument names, mood, or any keyword that describes the content they are creating.
  • 💰 Royalty-free: All songs and sound effects in Evoke Music are royalty-free, giving users the freedom to create without worrying about additional costs or legal issues.

Use Cases

  • 🎥 Video content creation: Content creators can find the perfect background music for their videos, enhancing the overall viewer experience.
  • 🎧 Podcast production: Podcasters can explore a wide range of music options to add an engaging and professional touch to their episodes.
  • 🎮 Game development: Game developers can easily find and integrate suitable music and sound effects into their games, enhancing the gaming experience for players.


Evoke Music offers a convenient and affordable solution for content creators in need of high-quality, royalty-free music. With its AI-generated tracks and user-friendly search features, Evoke Music simplifies the process of finding the perfect music for any project. Whether it’s for videos, podcasts, or game development, Evoke Music provides a diverse library of original compositions that can elevate the overall quality of creative content.


Q: Can I use Evoke Music for commercial projects?
A: Yes, all the music and sound effects in Evoke Music are royalty-free, allowing you to use them in commercial projects without any additional costs or legal issues.

Q: Can I customize the music tracks in Evoke Music?
A: While you cannot directly customize the tracks within the platform, you can easily find the perfect track by searching based on genre, instrument names, mood, or keywords that describe your project.

Q: Can I use Evoke Music tracks in multiple projects?
A: Absolutely! Once you’ve downloaded a track from Evoke Music, you can use it in multiple projects without any restrictions.

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