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Mubert: Human-AI Generative Music Platform

Mubert is a revolutionary platform that combines the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the creativity of music producers to produce royalty-free, perfectly suited music for various purposes. With millions of samples from numerous artists, Mubert generates unique, high-quality tracks instantly, offering a seamless collaboration between humans and algorithms.


  • 🎶 Mubert Render: Create customized soundtracks effortlessly, tailored to the mood, duration, and style of your content on any platform.
  • 🚀 Mubert API: Integrate original and royalty-free music into your products or projects, enhancing your app or game.
  • 💰 Mubert Studio: For artists, earn money by collaborating with AI to create outstanding tracks, samples, loops, and full music pieces.
  • 🎧 Mubert Play: Experience an evolving music journey for every occasion, with an infinite stream of music in various moods.


The pricing details can be found on Mubert’s official website.


Mubert presents a groundbreaking approach to music creation and consumption, utilizing the power of AI and the expertise of music producers to deliver tailor-made, royalty-free music for all needs. Whether you’re a content creator, developer, artist, or listener, Mubert offers an innovative music experience like no other.


Q: How does Mubert generate music?

A: Mubert combines vast collections of samples from hundreds of artists with AI algorithms to create instant and perfectly fitting music for various purposes.

Q: Can I use Mubert music commercially?

A: Yes, Mubert provides royalty-free music that can be used in commercial projects without any copyright concerns.

Q: What is Mubert Studio, and how can artists benefit from it?

A: Mubert Studio allows artists to collaborate with AI, turning their existing music material into potential revenue sources through riffs, loops, samples, and complete tracks.

Q: Is Mubert Play a personalized music streaming service?

A: Yes, Mubert Play generates an infinite soundtrack based on the chosen mood, providing a unique and evolving music experience for various moments in life.

Q: How can developers and brands use the Mubert API?

A: Developers and brands can integrate Mubert API into their products to access original, personalized, and royalty-free music for enhancing their apps, games, or other platforms.

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