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Last Updated: October 31, 2023Categories: Music1.8 min read

Muzaic Studio: AI-Generated Copyright-Protected Music for Your Videos

AI-generated music tailored to your videos, created by professional musicians, is now available through Muzaic Studio. This innovative platform offers unique soundtracks that are copyright-protected, ensuring your content remains original. With Muzaic Studio, you can enhance your video content with custom soundtracks that perfectly match your vision.

Muzaic Studio Features

  • 🎵 AI-Generated Music: Custom soundtracks composed by AI to suit your video’s needs.
  • 🎻 Professional Musicians: Quality recordings by experienced musicians.
  • 🔒 Copyright Protection: Keep your content unique and original with protected soundtracks.
  • Fast Turnaround: Receive your custom soundtrack in just one minute.
  • 🆓 Extended Free Plan: Register now and get 1 hour of soundtracks for free!

Use Cases

  • 🎥 Video creators looking for unique, copyright-protected music: Muzaic Studio provides a wide range of soundtracks to enhance your videos and protect your content.
  • 🏢 Businesses in need of custom soundtracks for marketing campaigns: Create impactful marketing videos with original music tailored to your brand.
  • 🎬 Filmmakers seeking original scores to enhance their storytelling: Elevate your films with custom soundtracks that perfectly complement your narrative.


Muzaic Studio offers AI-generated, copyright-protected music that is tailored to your videos. With features like AI-generated music, professional musicians, copyright protection, fast turnaround, and an extended free plan, Muzaic Studio provides a comprehensive solution for video creators, businesses, and filmmakers. Experience the power of AI-generated music and elevate your video content with Muzaic Studio.


Q: Can I use the soundtracks from Muzaic Studio for commercial purposes?

A: Yes, the soundtracks provided by Muzaic Studio can be used for commercial purposes, ensuring your content remains original and protected.

Q: How long does it take to receive a custom soundtrack from Muzaic Studio?

A: Muzaic Studio offers a fast turnaround, and you can receive your custom soundtrack in just one minute.

Q: Is there a free plan available on Muzaic Studio?

A: Yes, Muzaic Studio offers an extended free plan where you can get 1 hour of soundtracks for free upon registration.

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