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Synthesizer V

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Synthesizer V: Revolutionizing Vocal Synthesis

Synthesizer V, developed by Dreamtonics, is an AI-powered vocal synthesizer that has transformed the music production industry. It offers users the remarkable ability to create lifelike and responsive singing vocals without the need for a human singer. With its groundbreaking features and customizable options, Synthesizer V has become a game-changer for musicians and music producers.

Synthesizer V Features

  • 🎤 AI-Powered Vocal Synthesis: Synthesizer V utilizes AI technology to generate lifelike and responsive singing vocals.
  • 🌍 Multi-Language Support: The tool provides vocal synthesis in English, Japanese, and Chinese, making it ideal for multilingual projects.
  • 🎵 Customizable Vocal Modes: Users can choose from various vocal modes like chest, belt, and breathy to personalize their vocal styles.
  • 🎶 Dynamic Features: AI retakes and isolated aspiration output contribute to refining vocal performance, adding depth and realism to the vocals.
  • 🎹 Synthesizer V Studio: The Studio version allows users to import MIDI files, input lyrics, and integrate with VST3 and AudioUnit interfaces for enhanced versatility.
  • 🔒 Pro Version Benefits: The Pro version offers unlimited tracks and customizable AI pitch generation, providing users with enhanced control over their vocal compositions.

Use Cases

  • 🎵 Music Production: Synthesizer V is a game-changer for musicians and music producers looking to create realistic vocal tracks with ease and precision.
  • 🌍 Multilingual Projects: The multi-language support of Synthesizer V makes it an ideal tool for projects that require vocals in multiple languages, catering to a diverse range of musical styles and genres.


Synthesizer V, the AI-powered vocal synthesizer from Dreamtonics, has revolutionized the world of music production by offering users the ability to create lifelike and expressive singing vocals. With its advanced features, customizable options, and compatibility with various interfaces, Synthesizer V provides musicians and creators with an innovative and versatile vocal synthesis solution.


Q: Can Synthesizer V be used with other music production software?

A: Yes, Synthesizer V is compatible with VST3 and AudioUnit interfaces, allowing seamless integration with other music production software.

Q: Can I import MIDI files into Synthesizer V?

A: Yes, the Studio version of Synthesizer V allows users to import MIDI files, enabling them to create complex and dynamic vocal compositions.

Q: Does Synthesizer V support real-time vocal synthesis?

A: Yes, Synthesizer V utilizes AI technology to provide real-time vocal synthesis, allowing users to hear the results instantly as they make adjustments to their compositions.

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