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ChatDOC: The AI-Powered File-Reading Assistant

ChatDOC is an innovative file-reading assistant that utilizes ChatGPT technology to extract and summarize information from PDF documents. With its advanced AI capabilities, ChatDOC offers several key features and advantages.

ChatDOC Features

  • 🧠 Advanced AI technology: ChatDOC understands texts, tables, and images within documents, enabling optimized data analysis.
  • 📚 Citation support: It provides direct citations from files, ensuring fact-checking and accuracy.
  • Efficient reading: ChatDOC helps users read faster and learn better by providing quick answers to queries.

Use Cases

  • 🎓 Students and researchers: Instantly find answers from research papers, books, and manuals.
  • 💼 Professionals: Quickly access information from documents for decision-making or presentations.
  • 👥 General users: Efficiently extract information from PDF files for various purposes.

With secure file storage and the ability to search across multiple documents, ChatDOC is a powerful tool for anyone seeking quick answers from PDF documents.


ChatDOC revolutionizes the way we interact with PDF files by leveraging AI technology to extract and summarize information. Its advanced capabilities, such as understanding texts, tables, and images, make it a valuable asset for students, researchers, professionals, and general users alike. By providing quick answers and citation support, ChatDOC enhances reading efficiency and ensures accuracy. With ChatDOC, users can unlock the full potential of their PDF documents and access information with ease.


Q: Can ChatDOC handle large PDF files?

A: Yes, ChatDOC is designed to handle large PDF files efficiently, allowing users to extract information from documents of any size.

Q: Is ChatDOC compatible with different operating systems?

A: Yes, ChatDOC is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Q: Can ChatDOC extract information from scanned PDFs?

A: Yes, ChatDOC utilizes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract information from scanned PDFs, making it a versatile tool for different types of documents.

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