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Clockk: Automating Time Tracking for Accurate Billing and Business Growth

Clockk is an AI-powered time tracking solution that automates the tracking of work hours, ensuring accurate billing and providing data insights for business growth. Unlike traditional start/stop timers, Clockk runs in the background, eliminating the need for manual time sheets and allowing professionals to focus on their work.

Clockk offers several key features and capabilities:

  • ⏱️ Automatic Time Tracking: Clockk effortlessly tracks your work hours in the background.
  • 💰 Accurate Billing: Ensure you bill for all your work, even the time you may have forgotten.
  • 🔄 Flexibility: Jump between tasks and projects without worrying about timers.
  • 📊 Data Insights: Use past project data to create more profitable proposals and plan for business growth.
  • 🔒 Privacy and Control: You decide who sees your tracked time.
  • 🔌 Integration: Seamlessly integrates with popular tech products for easy data sharing.

Clockk provides several user benefits, including effortless time tracking, confident billing, flexibility in work, leveraging data insights for business growth, and maintaining privacy. With Clockk, professionals can boost their productivity and profitability by automating time tracking and utilizing valuable data insights.

Use Cases

  • Freelancers: Freelancers can easily track their billable hours across multiple projects and clients, ensuring accurate invoicing and maximizing their earnings.
  • 👥 Remote Teams: Remote teams can track their work hours and collaborate effectively, ensuring transparency and accountability in their projects.
  • 📈 Business Owners: Business owners can use Clockk’s data insights to analyze their team’s productivity, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions for business growth.


Clockk is the future of time tracking for professionals, offering automatic time tracking, accurate billing, flexibility, data insights, privacy, and integration. By leveraging AI technology, Clockk simplifies the time tracking process, allowing professionals to focus on their work and ensuring accurate billing for their services. With Clockk, professionals can make data-driven decisions, boost their productivity, and plan for predictable business growth.


Q: How does Clockk track work hours automatically?
A: Clockk runs in the background, effortlessly tracking your work hours without the need for manual timers.

Q: Can I integrate Clockk with other tech products?
A: Yes, Clockk seamlessly integrates with popular tech products, allowing easy data sharing.

Q: Is my tracked time private?
A: Yes, Clockk provides privacy and control, allowing you to decide who sees your tracked time.

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