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AI-powered Document Comprehension Made Easy

AI-powered Document Comprehension Made Easy is a tool called MapDeduce that helps users understand complex documents. It offers several key features to enhance document comprehension.

MapDeduce Features

  • 📄 Upload PDF: Users can upload text-only PDFs, with image recognition and support for more file types coming soon.
  • 🔒 Privacy: Document content remains private and is not used for training purposes.
  • 📝 Summarize: MapDeduce can generate summaries for documents in any language.
  • Ask: The tool can identify the right questions to ask based on the document type.
  • 🚩 Spot Red Flags: MapDeduce can detect potential red-flag terms in contracts.

Use Cases

  • 📄 Summarizing lengthy documents: MapDeduce can help users quickly understand the main points of lengthy documents by generating concise summaries.
  • Identifying important questions related to a specific document type: The tool can assist users in identifying relevant questions to ask based on the type of document they are analyzing.
  • 🚩 Reviewing contracts for potential red-flag terms: MapDeduce can automatically flag potential problematic terms in contracts, helping users identify potential risks.


MapDeduce is an AI-powered tool that simplifies document comprehension. With features like PDF upload, privacy protection, summarization, question identification, and red flag detection, it offers a comprehensive solution for understanding complex documents.


Q: Can MapDeduce handle documents in multiple languages?
A: Yes, MapDeduce can generate summaries and analyze documents in any language.

Q: Does MapDeduce support file types other than PDF?
A: Currently, MapDeduce supports text-only PDFs, but it will soon expand its support to include more file types.

Q: How does MapDeduce ensure document privacy?
A: MapDeduce ensures document privacy by not using the document content for training purposes.

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