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Last Updated: July 27, 2023Categories: Productivity1.4 min read

Monica is an AI-powered assistant that provides one-click processing of selected text on any webpage. It offers features like translation, explanation, summarization, and the ability to use custom prompts. Monica aims to enhance productivity, simplify copywriting, and save time for users.


  • ✨ One-click processing of selected text on any webpage
  • 🌍 Translation of selected text
  • 📝 Explanation of selected text
  • 📄 Summarization of selected text
  • 💬 Custom prompt option for personalized use


Monica is a powerful AI assistant that can greatly improve productivity and streamline the copywriting process. By enabling one-click processing of selected text, it provides convenient access to translation, explanation, and summarization features. Additionally, the option to use custom prompts allows users to tailor Monica’s capabilities to their specific needs. Overall, Monica is a valuable tool for anyone looking to boost their productivity and make their writing tasks more efficient.

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  1. What is Monica?
    • Monica is an AI-powered assistant that offers various text processing features on any webpage.
  2. What can Monica do?
    • Monica can translate, explain, and summarize selected text, providing valuable assistance in productivity and copywriting tasks.
  3. How does Monica work?
    • Monica works by processing the text you select on a webpage, utilizing AI algorithms to provide translations, explanations, summaries, and more.
  4. Is Monica customizable?
    • Yes, Monica allows users to use their own custom prompts, making it adaptable to individual preferences and requirements.
  5. Where can I access Monica?
    • Monica is available for use on all websites, offering its AI-powered assistance to users across various online platforms.

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