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Introducing Nexus, the first collaborative partner that combines artificial intelligence with Clay’s power to provide comprehensive network navigation. Nexus offers perfect recall and has context for all your relationships, making it a valuable tool for various professionals. It helps save time, reduce stress, and enhances networking experiences.


  • ⚡️ Perfect Recall: Nexus seamlessly understands any request about your network, offering reasons to reconnect, outreach email ideas, and gift suggestions.
  • 🌐 All The Right Context: Nexus has a deep understanding of your relationships, enabling it to provide valuable insights and information.
  • ⏱️ Instant Leverage: Whether you’re a salesperson, freelancer, or small-business owner, Nexus helps you save time by finding the right people, identifying opportunities, making introductions, and organizing events.


Nexus is a groundbreaking platform that combines AI capabilities with Clay’s power to revolutionize networking. With features like perfect recall, contextual understanding, and instant leverage, Nexus streamlines the process of building and nurturing relationships. Experience the future of networking today with Nexus.


  1. What is Nexus? Nexus is a collaborative partner that leverages artificial intelligence and Clay’s capabilities to help you navigate your network effectively.
  2. What does perfect recall mean? Perfect recall refers to Nexus’s ability to remember and provide information about your relationships, including reasons to reconnect, outreach email ideas, and gift suggestions.
  3. Who can benefit from using Nexus? Nexus is valuable for various professionals, including salespeople looking to deepen client relationships, freelancers managing stakeholders, and small-business owners juggling vendor relationships.
  4. How does Nexus save time? Nexus helps save time by quickly finding the right person within your network, identifying opportunities, making introductions, and facilitating event planning.
  5. What makes Nexus different from other networking platforms? Nexus stands out by offering a comprehensive understanding of your network, context-based insights, and AI-powered features that enhance networking experiences.

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