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Generating Dream Rooms Using AI

AI technology has made it possible to transform your room into a dream space with just a few clicks. RoomGPT is an innovative tool that utilizes machine learning to generate various room themes based on a photo of your existing room. With RoomGPT, you can easily remodel your room and explore different design possibilities.

RoomGPT Features

  • 🎨 Theme Variations: RoomGPT allows you to see how your room would look in different themes. Whether you prefer a cozy rustic style or a sleek modern design, RoomGPT can generate the perfect theme for your room.

Use Cases

  • 🏡 Home Renovation: RoomGPT is an excellent tool for homeowners looking to renovate their living spaces. By uploading a photo of their room, users can visualize different design options and make informed decisions about their renovation project.
  • 🛋️ Interior Design Inspiration: Interior designers can use RoomGPT to gain inspiration and explore new design ideas. By generating various room themes, designers can expand their creative possibilities and offer unique solutions to their clients.
  • 📸 Virtual Staging: Real estate agents and property developers can utilize RoomGPT to virtually stage empty rooms. By adding furniture and decor to photos of vacant spaces, they can showcase the potential of the property and attract potential buyers.


RoomGPT revolutionizes the way we approach room design and renovation. With its AI-powered technology, users can easily visualize different room themes and make informed decisions about their interior design projects. Whether you’re a homeowner, interior designer, or real estate professional, RoomGPT offers a convenient and innovative solution for transforming rooms into dream spaces.


Q: How does RoomGPT work?
A: RoomGPT utilizes an ML model called ControlNet to generate variations of rooms based on uploaded photos. The ML model is hosted on Replicate, and Upload is used for image storage. Loops are used for emails.

Q: Can RoomGPT be used for commercial spaces?
A: Yes, RoomGPT can be used for both residential and commercial spaces. It offers a wide range of design possibilities for various types of rooms.

Q: Is RoomGPT compatible with all room sizes?
A: Yes, RoomGPT can generate room themes for rooms of any size. Whether it’s a small bedroom or a spacious living area, RoomGPT can help you visualize different design options.

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