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SpellPrints: Building and Monetizing AI Apps Made Easy

SpellPrints is a platform that empowers creators to develop and monetize generative AI-powered applications. With access to over 1,000 AI models, UI elements, payments, and a prompt chaining interface, SpellPrints makes it simple for prompt engineers to transform their expertise into a profitable business.

SpellPrints Features

  • 🚀 No Code: Creators can turn prompts or AI models into monetizable applications without writing any code. These applications can be distributed through the UI, API, and SpellPrints marketplace.
  • 💰 Creator Pay: Creators can set a price for each use of their AI app, allowing them to earn money. Users pay to access and utilize the app, and creators receive a share of the generated revenue. SpellPrints charges a 20% sales commission on all app sales, and creators are responsible for covering the costs associated with running AI models.

Use Cases

  • 🎨 Artistic Creation: Artists can leverage SpellPrints to create AI-powered tools that generate unique artwork based on user inputs. These tools can be sold to art enthusiasts, providing a new revenue stream for artists.
  • 📚 Content Generation: Content creators can use SpellPrints to develop AI applications that generate engaging articles, blog posts, or social media captions. This enables them to streamline their content creation process and increase productivity.
  • 🎮 Game Development: Game developers can utilize SpellPrints to build AI-powered game mechanics, characters, or storylines. This enhances the gaming experience and opens up new possibilities for immersive gameplay.


SpellPrints is revolutionizing the way creators build and monetize AI apps. By providing a user-friendly platform and marketplace, SpellPrints empowers prompt engineers to transform their ideas into profitable businesses. With a wide range of AI models and UI elements, creators can easily develop applications without writing a single line of code. The ability to set prices for app usage allows creators to earn money and monetize their expertise. SpellPrints takes care of the distribution and payment processes, ensuring a seamless experience for both creators and users. Whether it’s for artistic creation, content generation, or game development, SpellPrints offers a powerful solution for turning AI into a valuable asset.


Q: How can creators monetize their AI apps on SpellPrints?
A: Creators can set a price for each use of their AI app, and users pay to access and utilize the app. Creators receive a share of the revenue generated, after deducting SpellPrints’ 20% sales commission and any associated costs for running AI models.

Q: Can creators develop AI applications without coding skills?
A: Yes, SpellPrints allows creators to build AI apps without writing any code. The platform provides a prompt chaining interface and access to pre-built AI models and UI elements, making it easy for prompt engineers to develop applications.

Q: What industries can benefit from SpellPrints?
A: SpellPrints can benefit a wide range of industries, including art, content creation, gaming, and more. It provides a versatile platform for developing AI-powered applications that cater to various needs and use cases.

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