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Steve AI

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Steve AI: Simplifying Project Management and Enhancing Productivity

Steve AI is an AI-powered project management tool developed by Linear. It aims to simplify project management, increase productivity, and provide a range of features for teams of all sizes. With Steve AI, users can focus on the engineering marvels within their projects rather than getting lost in project messes.

Steve AI Features

  • 🤖 Three-Step Onboarding: Get started with a quick two-minute integration, configure the tool, and invite team members to collaborate.
  • 🔍 Big Picture Overview: Steve offers both a big picture overview and the ability to zoom in on project details, all in a simple and understandable language.
  • 💬 AI Chatbot: Access a basic AI chatbot for streamlined communication and task management.
  • 🔒 Security Measures: Ensure the security of your projects and data.
  • 🎯 Personalized Recommendations: Receive personalized recommendations to optimize your project management.

Use Cases

  • 🤖 Project Managers: Simplify project management and enhance productivity.
  • 🔍 Teams: Collaborate effectively and stay organized.
  • 🚀 Startups: Access a range of features to streamline project workflows.


Steve AI by Linear is a powerful project management tool that simplifies workflows and enhances productivity. With its three-step onboarding process, big picture overview, AI chatbot, security measures, and personalized recommendations, Steve AI brings clarity to projects of all sizes. Its flexible pricing plans cater to the needs of small teams and large enterprises alike. Experience the future of project management with Steve AI by Linear.


Q: What are the key features of Steve AI?

A: Steve AI offers a three-step onboarding process, a big picture overview, an AI chatbot, security measures, and personalized recommendations.

Q: Who can benefit from Steve AI?

A: Project managers, teams, and startups can all benefit from using Steve AI for simplified project management and enhanced productivity.

Q: What pricing plans are available for Steve AI?

A: Steve AI offers a free plan, an Evolve plan with unlimited features, and a Supercharge plan with advanced features and customizations.

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