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TeacherMatic: Simplify Your Workload with AI Tools for Teachers

TeacherMatic is an AI-powered platform designed to assist teachers in reducing their workload and enabling them to focus more on their students. By utilizing GPT-3 technology, TeacherMatic generates high-quality resources for the classroom, such as lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and more.

TeacherMatic Features

  • 📚 Lesson Objectives: Generate learning objectives based on Bloom’s taxonomy’s six cognitive learning domains.
  • 📝 Multiple Choice Quiz Maker: Create multiple choice questions for any given topic, exportable to standard formats for easy import into a VLE/LMS.
  • 🗓️ Scheme of Work Generator: Plan and organize lessons with ease.
  • Class Question Generator: Create engaging and relevant questions for students.
  • 📊 Rubrics: Generate grading criteria for assessments.

Use Cases

  • 👥 Teacher Feedback: Over 300 teachers and lecturers across the UK participated in providing feedback and trialing the platform in their lessons.
  • 🏫 Educational Settings: TeacherMatic has been used in various educational settings, including teacher training, adult education, and colleges.


TeacherMatic is an innovative AI-powered platform that empowers teachers by simplifying their workload and providing them with valuable resources. With features like generating learning objectives, creating quizzes, organizing lessons, generating questions, and grading criteria, TeacherMatic enhances the teaching experience and saves teachers time and effort.


Q: How can TeacherMatic benefit teachers?

A: TeacherMatic simplifies teachers’ workload by generating high-quality resources and providing useful tools for lesson planning, assessment, and engagement.

Q: Can TeacherMatic be used in different educational settings?

A: Yes, TeacherMatic has been successfully utilized in various educational settings, including teacher training, adult education, and colleges.

Q: How does TeacherMatic generate learning objectives?

A: TeacherMatic uses Bloom’s taxonomy’s six cognitive learning domains to generate learning objectives that align with the desired educational outcomes.

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