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PromptlyHQ: Streamlining AI Prompt Management for Product Teams

Promptly is an innovative AI prompt management tool designed specifically for AI product teams. It offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines the prompt development process and enhances the overall AI workflow. With Promptly, teams can efficiently develop, test, version, execute, and retrieve prompts across multiple AI providers.

PromptlyHQ Features

  • 🔧 Project-based prompt separation: Organize prompts into projects for easier development and release processes.
  • 🔐 Rock-solid APIs: Reliable APIs for prompt retrieval, search, and execution from multiple AI providers.
  • 🔌 AI provider integration: Call AI providers on behalf of users for seamless execution.
  • 🔄 Change tracking: View history, revert to previous versions, and compare changes for prompt versioning.
  • 🔢 Variable replacement: Build variables into prompts for personalized responses at execute time.

Use Cases

  • 🚀 Confident prompt releases: Efficiently manage and release prompts across projects with confidence.
  • ⚙️ Reliable prompt execution: Utilize rock-solid APIs for seamless prompt retrieval and execution.
  • 📚 History comparison and versioning: Track prompt changes, revert to previous versions, and maintain the best prompts.
  • 🎯 Personalized responses: Implement variable replacement for predictably personalized user responses.


PromptlyHQ is a powerful AI prompt management tool tailored to meet the specific needs of AI product teams. With its versatile features, including project-based separation, rock-solid APIs, and change tracking, Promptly simplifies prompt development, execution, and versioning, while ensuring reliable and personalized responses for users.


Q: What is PromptlyHQ?

A: PromptlyHQ is an AI prompt management tool designed for AI product teams, enabling seamless prompt development, testing, versioning, execution, and retrieval across multiple AI providers.

Q: How does PromptlyHQ help with prompt development?

A: PromptlyHQ offers project-based prompt separation, allowing teams to organize prompts into projects for easier development and release processes.

Q: Can PromptlyHQ integrate with multiple AI providers?

A: Yes, PromptlyHQ provides AI provider integration, allowing users to call AI providers on their behalf for seamless execution.

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