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Hotjar AI

Last Updated: August 29, 2023Categories: Research2.2 min read

Hotjar AI: Revolutionizing Research with Automated Surveys and Summary Reports

Hotjar AI is an innovative solution that aims to streamline the research process and provide researchers with meaningful insights effortlessly. With Hotjar AI, researchers can revolutionize the way they conduct research, saving time and gaining valuable insights at the click of a button.

Hotjar AI Features

  • 🚀 Instant Survey Creation: Hotjar AI enables researchers to create surveys for any research goal in seconds, eliminating manual effort and speeding up the research process.
  • 📊 Summary Reports: The tool generates insightful summary reports that highlight key findings, quotes, and insights from survey responses, simplifying analysis.
  • 🤝 Team Alignment: Hotjar AI helps teams align faster by providing summary reports that make it easy to get everyone on board with research findings.
  • 🎯 Objective-Driven Surveys: Users can quickly communicate their research objectives to the AI, allowing it to create surveys that align with their goals.
  • 💬 Open-Text Analysis: Hotjar AI eliminates the need to spend hours analyzing open-text responses by automatically generating summary reports.
  • 🔌 Integration Capabilities: The tool seamlessly integrates with various applications, allowing users to sync survey responses to their preferred tools.

Use Cases

  • 📈 Data-Driven Decision Making: Hotjar AI empowers researchers to make data-driven decisions by providing quick and efficient access to key findings and insights.
  • 👥 User Experience Optimization: By gathering user insights through surveys and generating summary reports, Hotjar AI helps researchers optimize the user experience and improve product usability.
  • 📊 Market Research: Hotjar AI simplifies market research by automating the creation of surveys and providing researchers with valuable insights for market analysis and strategy development.


Hotjar AI is a game-changer for researchers, automating the research process and generating insightful summary reports effortlessly. By enabling quick and efficient survey creation, eliminating manual analysis, and promoting team alignment, Hotjar AI empowers researchers to focus on gaining valuable insights and understanding their users better. Available across Hotjar plans, including the free Basic plan, Hotjar AI revolutionizes research by making it accessible, efficient, and user-centric. Experience the power of automated research and gain meaningful insights with Hotjar AI.


Q: How does Hotjar AI save researchers time?

A: Hotjar AI eliminates manual survey creation and analysis, saving researchers valuable time.

Q: Can Hotjar AI be used for team collaboration?

A: Yes, Hotjar AI provides summary reports that foster team alignment and facilitate sharing of research insights.

Q: Does Hotjar AI support open-text analysis?

A: Absolutely, Hotjar AI simplifies open-text analysis by automatically generating summary reports with important quotes and insights.

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