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Pimeye: Advanced Facial Recognition Search Engine

Pimeye is an advanced facial recognition search engine that allows users to conduct image-based searches. It provides a powerful tool for identifying instances where a user’s image has been posted online without their consent. This information is crucial in mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities, including identity theft, catfishing, and other scams.

Pimeye Features

  • 🔍 Image-based search: Pimeye enables users to search for images using facial recognition technology, making it easier to find instances of their images online.
  • 🔒 Online identity protection: Pimeye helps individuals and organizations safeguard their online identity and reputation by identifying unauthorized use of their images.
  • 🔧 Privacy and security: Users can monitor their digital footprint and take proactive measures by issuing Takedown Requests to protect their privacy and security.

Use Cases

  • 👤 Personal image protection: Individuals can use Pimeye to search for instances of their images online and take action to protect their privacy.
  • 🏢 Brand reputation management: Organizations can monitor the use of their brand images online and address any unauthorized or fraudulent activities.
  • 📷 Photographer copyright protection: Photographers can use Pimeye to identify any unauthorized use of their copyrighted images and take appropriate legal action.


Pimeye is a powerful facial recognition search engine that empowers users to protect their online identity and reputation. By conducting image-based searches, users can identify instances where their images have been posted without consent and take proactive measures to safeguard their privacy and security. Whether it’s personal image protection, brand reputation management, or photographer copyright protection, Pimeye offers valuable features to individuals and organizations seeking to maintain control over their digital presence.


Q: How does Pimeye conduct image-based searches?

A: Pimeye uses advanced facial recognition technology to analyze images and match them with similar images available online.

Q: Can Pimeye help in identifying fake profiles on social media?

A: Yes, Pimeye can be used to identify instances where someone is using another person’s image to create a fake profile on social media platforms.

Q: Is Pimeye suitable for personal use only?

A: No, Pimeye is beneficial for both individuals and organizations. It can be used to protect personal images as well as monitor brand reputation and copyright infringement.

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